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Membership Class: Knowing Christ, Knowing the Church (KCKC)

Next Class Is December 6-7, 2019

We are thrilled that you are considering Desert Springs Church (DSC) as your possible future church home. We strive to be a "God-focused" and "Scripture-saturated" church. DSC focuses on God and not a preacher, programs, music, or a novel concern with being on the "cutting edge."

Although we believe we should be aware of popular culture and indeed interact with it, we are not out to reinvent the church. Although we are concerned with excellence, this does not drive what we do. Rather, we seek God's glory to be recognized and spread "broader and deeper." As part of this, we focus on Scripture alone as our guide as we grow and worship, and gladly proclaim, to both our region and other parts of the world, salvation through Christ alone.

Desert Springs Church is so called not because it sounds neat for a church in an arid New Mexican climate, though certainly that connection was intended by those who came up with it. More importantly, the idea of water in the desert (or a desert spring) is a frequent and glorious theme in the Bible. It is a long-promised and beautiful picture of God's fullness coming and our thirst ultimately being quenched in Jesus Christ. Again, we wish to speak of Christ often and always, that the focus be on Him and not ourselves!

So if you are drawn toward the idea of God's glory as the center, focus, and goal of church life; if you are open to investigating Scripture alone as our source of truth; if you are open to elders that do not soft-pedal or downplay the corruption and pervasiveness of sin; if you are up for a church that is passionate about reaching other people groups, in this region and overseas ... then let's continue our study together!

Below are some questions that will be answered in the class.

  • What is the foundation of the church?

  • Why the church?

  • What is the church?

  • What does the church do; what are its purposes?

  • What are the distinctives here?

  • How does DSC operate; how is it led?

  • Why join a church and what does it mean?

  • How do I get involved?

Here is the Covenant of Fellowship (PDF) that our members sign.

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