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Community Groups exist to cultivate relationships with Christ and each other through the study of God's Word and by provoking one another to live out our lives for the good of others and the glory of God.


Becky King

Daniel Abeyta
Frequently Asked Questions
I attend DSC on Sundays, why should I also attend a Community Group?

God did not intend for us to do life on our own, but to live in relationship and community with other Christians. Those relationships are where we grow, are cared for, encouraged, comforted, exhorted, and flesh out and deal with the issues of life. It's where Christ centered friendships are forged and deepened and where we challenge each other to live for the glory of God and not our own. It's where we study God's Word, ask questions, and are challenged to live and proclaim the gospel to those God brings into our lives.

Do I need to be a member or regular attender of DSC to attend a Community Group?

Not at all. Each week, our Community Groups are made of visitors, regular attenders, as well as DSC members.

What are some words that best describe a typical DSC Community Group?

Imperfect, friendly, loving, growing, grace-filled, hopeful, safe, truthful, challenging, and caring.

Are there different groups to choose from?

Yes. There are over 20 different groups who meet on various days throughout the city.

What size is a typical Community Group on any given week?

On average, they will range in size from 10-15 adults.

Are the different groups formed around age or demographics?

Not really. In fact, we want them to be diverse because the Bible shows that body of Christ benefits most from a diversity of ages, ethnicity, marital status, and social/economic status.

How do I get connected to a Community Group?

There are at least 4 ways:

  1. Stop by the Connection Center or Community Groups Kiosk and be introduced to a Community Group Leader.

  2. Click the map below to see where the groups are located. Then click on a group icon to see when and where they meet, and send an email to the leader you would like to visit. They will respond and get you lined up.

  3. Email us requesting a schedule of locations closest to where you live.


  4. Call us at 505.797.8700 and ask to speak with the pastor responsible for Community Groups.

How can I learn more about Community Groups?

  1. Email us requesting a phone call or more information.


  2. Call us at 505.797.8700 and ask to speak with the pastor responsible for Community Groups.