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Apr 20

Mission Emphasis Week 2018


Missions Emphasis Week 2018 is moving to the summer!

It will be a week full of events. Kicking off with a church-wide BBQ at the park, daily opportunities such as a DSC Serve project, a Guatemala prayer night, our Annual Silent Auction, Lord’s Supper, Date night, and a woodcutting trip to the Reservation.

Missions Emphasis Week
Sunday, June 24-Saturday, June 30, 2018

This will be a time where you can come learn about the vision for missions in our church, the different global and local missions opportunities here at DSC, and participate in events throughout the week to help raise funds to support for our families living overseas.

Feb 22

Update from Irma

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Some of you may recall that February 2017, Irma, one of the wonderful people we have come to know well and partner with in Guatemala, had found out she needed foot surgery. She has asked us to share a letter to you all:

Greetings dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

My family and I have been so blessed by Desert Springs Church who has supported us in many ways. I am writing this note to specifically thank all of you who prayed and supported us financially when I broke my foot at the end of February 2017. After a doctor checked my foot I was told that I had to wait in the hospital for a week for surgery that needed to be done.  At the time, baby Andres was sick with stomach problems and Pamela had just caught the chicken pox, it was impossible for me to be away from them for so long. Going to a private clinic to have the surgery done was our best option, but we knew it was too expensive for us. We trusted that God was going to provide and He did indeed! God is faithful and worked through you to show us once more His faithfulness and His love.  It was a tough time for our family health-wise but our God is an awesome God and used you to let us know that we were loved and cared for.

After surgery, I went to physical therapy for more than two months. It took me more than 6 months to recover. I am now well enought that just a couple of weeks ago, I started to ride my bike again to work! This has helped our family save on transportation cost.  Praise God I’m doing well and back to a normal busy life with three active children that need my care. Please pray that we raise and guide them to love our God.

Our family is doing well, Praise God! Pamela is going to be 8 in March. She is back in school attending the second grade. Carlie is in Preschool and is going to be 6 also in March. Andres is turning two years old in February. Byron is also doing well. I ask for your prayers for his safety.  He takes his motorcycle everyday to work and the road is not in good condition.

We wanted to update you with our status since the surgery and let you know how much we appreciate your kindness and generosity toward our family. We pray for your ministry among the Achi, as well as, your ministry among the pastors. Thank you so much and may our God continue to bless your ministry and your lives.


Byron, Irma, Pamela, Carlie and Andres.

Ismalej family photo 2018

Feb 13

2018 Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala

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This year DSC is planning to return to serve the Rabinal Achi in Guatemala with a Medical Missions team. The dates have shifted to a day later than previously announced. It is set for May 25-June 3.

If you would like to get more details about this year’s trip, you can sign up here or on the DSC app. This sign up only expresses interest and serves as a request for more information on the trip.

Please pray for individuals as they consider going to serve in this capacity, for the work that will be done by the team God is gathering, for preparations that will be done during this next few months, and for the heart of those that the team will be in contact with during this trip.