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Jul 23

Three Pastors and Four Hopes for Redemption Church

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

On Sunday, July 15th, Pastor Ron Giese and I, along with a handful of others from Desert Springs attended the worship service at Redemption Church.  As you know, Redemption is our first of many church plants, Lord willing. Sunday was a significant day in the life of Redemption in that Carlos, the preaching pastor commissioned two other men as elders.  Bryan Lopez and Aaron C (last name reserved because of future missions plans).  Just like DSC, Redemption believes in the necessity of a plurality of eldership for the health, protection, and accountability of a local congregation.  We should all consider this an awesome blessing from God and sign that Redemption is indeed growing in Christ, and it should renew our commitment to pray for them and the hopes they have for Rio Rancho and beyond.

Pastor Carlos commissioning Pastor Aaron and Pastor Bryan at Redemption Church - Sunday July 15th

Speaking of hopes, Pastor Carlos has recently laid out four hopes of Redemption on their blog.  These hopes are derived from the recently appointed president of Acts 29, Matt Chandler, and his hope for the A29 Network. (Acts 29 is the church planting network that Redemption is a part of).



Here are summaries of the four hopes, with links so that you can read more:

Pastor Carlos writes:

Hope #1: That Redemption will Plant Churches that Plant Churches – Our mission as a church is to “make disciples and plant churches”. We will discuss the first part of that mission in a later post, but part of our DNA is to plant churches. We did not plant hoping to just grow our church. We are praying that we will grow; however, our aim is to ultimately be a place of training, supporting, and sending.

Hope #2: Humility – My prayer is that through our passion for deep study and theology we would be affected deeply in a humbling way. I pray we would love other churches that agree and disagree with us on certain issues, knowing that we are all a part of the Body of Christ. I pray we would not assume the worst in others, but give them the benefit of the doubt. My hope is that Redemption would not be known as a church of theological sharp-shooters, but as people who stand firm in a broken and humble way.

Hope #3: A Radically Diverse Church – I pray that Redemption would be a reflection of the diversity of the community we are placed in. I pray we would not settle to be a homogenous unit whether in stage of life, ethnicity, or even political leanings. I pray we would take the gospel call to all peoples, and as a church seriously pray towards that end.

Hope #4: Be Serious About Evangelism and Praying for Conversions – Redemption exists to see people meet Jesus. We don’t exist for our comforts, our needs, or our wants. We exist so that many will be saved. We were blessed to see 4 people baptized at our grand opening service. I pray that we would see thousands more baptisms in the lifetime of Redemption Church. In fact, I am praying to see 8 more baptisms take place before the end of 2012. I pray Redemption is known for telling others about Jesus, and for being a “city on a hill” in our area.

As a their sister church, may God use us at DSC to pray toward these hopes and encourage Redemption in them, even as we strive for them as well.

Jun 17

Redemption Church’s Grand Opening “Jesus Party” in Review

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

Last Sunday (June 10th) was Redemption Church‘s Grand Opening “Jesus Party”.

Here is a note from Pastor Carlos on how it went:

We called our Grand Opening Service a “Jesus Party”. We did this to emphasize that the reason we are excited to be in a place of our own in Rio Rancho is solely because of Jesus. We wanted a place to worship Jesus as a family, as well as a place where people would meet and be transformed by Jesus. We also wanted a place where disciples of Jesus were made and baptized. For us, Sunday was a celebration centered on Jesus.

What a party it was! Jared and the band led us in a great time of worship through song. We welcomed numerous visitors and guests, including many from our sending church, Desert Springs. I preached a message from Mark 4, in which we looked at a cluster of parables from Jesus. Jesus used the parables to teach about the Greatness of the Kingdom, and the unlikely way through which it comes. I also set forth a bit of vision about where Redemption goes from here.

The end of the service was one of the most special moments in the history of Redemption Church, as we concluded with our first baptisms. It was really special for me for a couple of reasons: First, I was amazed at the number of baptisms we had (4). While in the core group stage, before our official launch, we as a small group prayed for 4 baptisms. This was a big prayer for a group of 40 people. To see Jesus give us 4 baptisms was a testament to His faithfulness, not ours. The second reason Sunday was so special, was because of who I baptized first (my mom). I had never done a baptism before Sunday. For my mother to be my first one made it even more memorable. Hearing the church cheer, clap, and cry with joy when my mom came out of that water still brings me to tears and fills my heart with joy and thankfulness to Jesus. All 4 people who were baptized shared amazing stories about how Jesus saves sinners, as well as marriages. All in all, it was an awesome service.

Sunday was not the end of the journey for Redemption. If anything, it was a celebration of being at the starting line.  Redemption is now starting the next chapter in our journey. This chapter, like all previous and future chapters, carries the same vision: we exist to make disciples, and plant churches. So, while Sunday was a beautiful celebration, it was just the beginning!

DSC Elder of Teaching/Preaching Ryan Kelly attended the Jesus Party and writes:

“God has been good to DSC…and to Redemption Church (DSC’s first church plant). It was such a privilege for my family and I to join our brothers and sisters at RRR last Sunday for their official kick-off Sunday in their new facilities (which, by the way, look great and seem to work really well for them). A good crowd turned out — many former DSCers, some current DSCers (there to celebrate the special day at RRR), and many new faces as well. It was a sweet, God-exalting celebration of His goodness in song, prayer, Word, baptism, and fellowship (RRR is carrying on the DSC tradition of cookies in the foyer, in case you wondered!).”

And here’s what DSC Elder over Local Missions, Tim Ragsdale, said of the day:

“It was such an encouragement to attend the Grand Opening Jesus Party at Redemption Church–our first church plant.  It was really great to also see a number of new faces.  I was particularly moved by Pastor Carlos’ first baptism (and of course Redemption’s first baptism), Los’ own mother.  What a privilege and honor it was to be a part of this service-ceremony.  Let’s  not forget to keep Redemption Church of Rio Rancho in our prayers for God to continue to spread his glory broader and deeper!”


Redemption is DSC’s first church plant, and, Lord willing, the first of many in the coming years.  In order for this, as well as global church planting to become a reality for us as a church, we need more folks within the body to come along side us in support of the $1 per day and beyond strategy.  Visit our DSC church planting page to find out more and to sign up to give.


Jun 8

Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP) Survey Trip Starts Today

As I type this post, our first SNAP couple along with one DSC elder and his wife, and one DSC deacon are about to embark on a survey trip to North Africa.  The goals of this trip include meeting up with current PIONEERS field leadership, brainstorming with them possible strategies and mission issues, and further solidifying the desire and vision for church planting in North Africa.

Our SNAP team leader sends these prayer request for their current trip:

  • That we would be quick to share our faith when the opportunity arises and be wise about our surroundings
  • That we would be encouraging with Scripture and love to the teammates we meet
  • That passion would well up in us for Christ’s name in dark places
  • That we would get direction and Godly counsel from the folks there
  • That we would enjoy our time
  • That our families in the US would do well away from us (we are leaving a lot of kids here!)

According to current plans, the first DSC SNAP couple will move to France, Lord willing, in early 2014.  They will spend at least six months becoming proficient in the French language.  French is the language of commerce in our SNAP country, and in order to operate efficiently our teams will need to speak French pretty well.  After language school in France, the first SNAP couple will move to North Africa in order to establish themselves there in business and ministry, and to refresh their proficiency in the local dialect.

Redemption Church‘s first SNAP couple is slated to hit the ground in France early in 2015, then transition to North Africa in late 2015 to join the DSC SNAP couple.  What an amazing way to partner with our sister church to spread God’s glory broader and deeper in the dark corners of the Earth.

All of these plans are being made with much prayer and hope that God will use the resources of time, talent and treasure that He has planted within DSC to make much of Himself through His Son by the power of His Spirit in North Africa for generations to come.

Many have already made personal sacrifices in order to give $1 per day in 2011, and now $2 per day in 2012, but honestly, we are not on pace to stay the course.  If you’d like to start giving $1 per day or more, check out our church planting page to see why and how you can start giving to our local and global church planting efforts.