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Jun 6

Inlow Indian Family Camp

2016 | by Clint | Category: Local,Mission Opportunity,Native American

A mission opportunity closer to home:

The Inlow Indian Family Camp is in need of 4 volunteers who will pay their own way and help as “security” during the week of June 20 – 24. Cost will include all meals. This family camp is a great opportunity to connect with the Native American community who come from all over the Central and Northern part of the state. There will be several of the Pueblos represented, as well as the Navajo Nation.

If you are interested in helping and need more information on cost and detailed responsibilities, please contact Vance Purkey at with your contact information as soon as possible.


Jun 5

Guatemala Team Update 2016

Here is a field update of all the work happening in Guatemala through the locals and the Medical Team

Pastor Marcelino at Nazarene Buena Vista9MedTeam16On Thursday, we were able to give Pastor Marcelino a MacArthur study bible, a book from the gospel coalition packing hope program, as well as an bible stick and mobile speaker with the Achi New Testament on it. Pray that God’s word bears fruit in Buena Vista because of its proclamation of the gospel in word and the affirmation of the gospel in deed. Pastor Marcelino attends our pastors trainings and is looking forward to the next one coming in under two weeks.

Thursday’s Medical Clinic at Buena Vista6MedTeam167MedTeam16MedTeam164MedTeam163MedTeam16

On Friday, the Medical Team heading to San Francisco to hold medical clinics there for the day.

Greetings from Achi land!  Today we wanted to write to give an overview of a typical medical clinic day in pastor David’s Baptist church in San Francisco: Iglesia Bautista La Luz Del Mundo. Thank you all for praying for us while we serve alongside the Achi for Jesus!22MedTeam16

 After a bumpy 30-45 minute ride to the church, including crossing one river (yes, crossing it without a bridge, crossing it), we hustle to set up the private consultation rooms and the pharmacy. Pastor David greets the first patients then prays with clinic workers and patients asking God to use this service to bring glory to His name and to help those who are hurting. Ultimately, we long to point those who don’t know Jesus to His compassion and grace in the cross.
Patients wait on the porch of the church in the shade listening to the New Testament in Achi as it plays from a faith comes by hearing bible stick. Nurse Elena, from Iglesia Reforma, takes vital signs along with Pastor David’s son-in-law, Polo.
After all of the vitals are taken, each patient sees Dr. Brent and Nurse Amie or Nurse Jacque, or Dr. Jacobo and Dr. Mark. This is not Dr. Marks first time to Guatemala for medical missions but it is his first time to Achi land. Mark was able to use his specialty in cardiology along with an ultra sound machine which is new to our clinics. Just yesterday Mark was able to use it to diagnose a heart condition for a small child. We are especially thankful to his practice for donating the machine so that it can be used long term here in Guatemala! 66MedTeam16
While waiting to see a doctor or waiting for their prescription, patients spend time with pastor David or one of the younger believers. Pastor David offers counsel, prayer, and of course the gospel. 1010MedTeam161212MedTeam16
In between tasks and patients each of us find time to greet folks, make friends with the children by drawing, playing, or reading the Jesus Storybook Bible. Rodrigo spends time counseling young believers, like Carlos, who has recently come to fully embrace his sinfulness and the gospel that saves him from it. Carlos helped last year in our clinics. He began studying the Bible with Eder and others this past year and is scheduled to be baptized this coming Sunday! Our hope is to attend and celebrate the gospel with them.
It is such a blessing to see God at work across cultural, linguistic, and geographic boundaries. Love takes many forms when expressed across these boundaries in the name of Jesus and we pray God gets the glory. Over the next few days, we will be tested with fatigue and likely some rising culture stress. Our voices may not be able to communicate all that we want to say, but thankfully the Achi believers are here with us on the front lines, relationally to share Jesus and give comfort from God’s word.  Even among newly established friendships, the unity the gospel brings to his people is clear. Jornadas (clinics) can only help push back the affects of the fall temporarily.  Our deepest hope is that God will use the Good News of His Son’s life, death, and resurrection to solve the eternal problem caused by sin and death and the fall.

May 16

Open Your Home to the Mission Field!

2016 | by Clint | Category: Giving Opportunity,Global,Local,Mission Opportunity

“I tell you, lift up your eyes and look to the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” John 4:35

International Student Housing

July 10-August 6

When we think about the mission field, we often think of raising support and traveling to remote and sometime dangerous places around the globe to share our faith.  Certainly there is a mission field out there…but did you know that many of the nations are coming here as students and need a place to stay? Menaul School in Albuquerque is now looking for families to host international high school students in their homes this summer during its English immersion program, called S.E.E.D.

Here is the breakdown:

Time commitment: 2-4 weeks (evenings and weekends only)

Responsibilities: Provide a room, meals, English conversation, lots of encouragement and transportation to and from Menaul School during the week.

Qualifications: Safe and supportive home environment with an openness to learn and serve those from other cultures.

What We Provide:

Cross-cultural training and support

Financial stipend of $250/week/student to cover any and all expenses

The opportunity to impact a young person, and their family by extension, for eternity.

Are you interested? In case you missed Johnathan Winn this past Sunday, there will be at a kiosk set up in the foyer again after both services next Sunday, May 22. Please feel free to stop by to ask any questions or get more information.

You can also contact Johnathan at; (505) 948-9765.