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Dec 26

Cedar Hill Church Christmas Store 2014

2014 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Global,Native American

Cedar Hill church near Counselor New Mexico is full of dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  And a team from DSC traveled there on December 14th to help pull of another Christmas store designed to bless the community around Cedar Hill.

Marvin G., DSC Deacon and Cedar Hill Christmas Store Project Team Leader writes:

“We had a little over 40 families come through the store picking gifts for about 140 kids. Our prayer is the love of Christ was extended to these families and that some will begin, and continue, to fellowship at Cedar Hill church.

I want to recognize the younger members of our team who fellowshipped and played soccer with the Cedar Hill community youth, and who all passed their final exam at the end of the day (“Tell me the name of one new person you met today and something about them”.) It was a real blessing to see so many of our Cedar Hill friends and meet new ones.”

Check out the images below from this store and please pray that God will continue to use Cedar Hill Church to spread His glory broader and deeper there.






04 IMG_2839

Dec 24

DSC Christmas Store 2014 – Stories of Glory

2014 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Local,Prayer

As a church we held our 3rd Annual DSC Christmas Store on site December 14th from 9AM to 3PM.

This year, over 100 volunteers at DSC welcomed 104 families who were shopping for 366 children.  Two years ago we served 50 families, and last year the store hosted over 150 families.  The thing that stood out most this year was that by having more DSC volunteers and fewer customers, the DSC hosts were able to linger more with the parents, getting to know them better, and in some cases, sharing the gospel with them and praying for them.

Here is what some of the DSC store volunteers are saying about what they could see God was up to:

“God provided multiple opportunities for me to interact with families and show them God’s love through conversation in addition to the physical presents. It was also great to work alongside brothers and sisters in Christ who all had the same mission – serving our neighbors as best as we know how.  It was great to see a number of the hosts say that they wanted to follow up with families that they felt they made a bond with. I could tell God was working at the store because of all the one-to-one conversations and prayers that I noticed and from a folks I could tell were truly grateful for the presents that they received.” – Roger

“God used the DSC Christmas Store to bless me by giving me the opportunity to meet other believers who attend DSC.  Also, while wrapping gifts, I had the chance to pray over each child and his/her family.  I could tell God was working at the store because shy, apprehensive people were being met with the love of Christ and leaving with happy hearts.”  – Jennifer

“I was blessed by the Christmas store because I was able to see how our whole church was involved in an act of giving that is above anything we could do without God!  I could tell God was working at the store because both families I got to know and help with Christmas store had kids that were around the same age as my own kids.  Both families had little girls who were five years old, just like my daughter.  This made for easy conversations.” – Frank

“I could tell God was working thru the store because of the difference I saw in the people that came in – some shy, some shaking, some with a negative attitude, some frowning – and yet as they left, their countenance was definitely lifted by God. They were smiling and grateful and there was a definite difference in their eyes – a new sparkle that wasn’t there before.” – Gayla

“God used the DSC Christmas Store to bless me by allowing me to observe all of the smiles and thank yous I saw and heard as families were being blessed by our church family’s generous Christmas gifts. God was connecting hearts of strangers through conversation and acts of service to reveal His love for all.” – Josh

“God allowed me to serve with Godly women that I had never served with before! It was a wonderful way to get to know these ladies while serving the Lord together.” – Gina

“God used the Christmas Store to bless me by letting me see and experience how a church (the people, not the building) can be involved in the community, sharing blessings (material gifts and spiritual gifts) and Jesus’ love.” – Angie

Please pray for these 105 families, that God will indeed bless them not just materially this Christmas through His Church, but spiritually as well.  Perhaps you will see some new faces around DSC in the coming weeks, and especially at the Christmas Eve service.  Be sure to shake a hand and learn a new name.

May their hearts be open to the gospel, and may our mouths be ready to proclaim that Jesus is the Christ, He has come, and He saves from death and sin by grace through faith.

Dec 12

Please Pray for the Christmas Stores

2014 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Local,Love INC,Native American,Prayer

Tomorrow, one team of volunteers from Desert Springs will head to Counselor, New Mexico to partner with Cedar Hill Church as they offer a Christmas store to their neighborhood and community.  Another team of over 100 volunteers will setup a Christmas store here at Desert Springs Church in an effort to serve the parents of students at Mission, Alvarado, and La Luz Elementary schools.

Please pray with us that these stores will indeed be done in the name of Christ, and that those who come to the store would feel loved by Jesus through us.  Please pray that many will come to the Christmas Eve services, and that friendships are made and the gospel is proclaimed.

May God’s glory spread broader and deeper through these efforts!

Thanks to everyone who bought gifts and/or volunteered!