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Dec 10

Want to Help Lead Christianity Explored?

2012 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Local,Mission Opportunity

DSC leadership is looking for a Community Group, Men’s Huddle, Women’s Bible Study group, or even a group of friends or family to be equipped and trained to host Christiainty Explored starting sometime in February.  We are hoping to advertise the course at DSC’s Christmas store on December 15th, as well as help you promote it to friends, family, coworkers, and to those new to Christianity here at DSC.

One Life. What's it all about?

Two DSC Community Groups have offered this course in that past onsite at DSC on Sunday evenings.  They included both childcare and a dinner for the adults before the study got started each night.  In both cases, everyone in attendance got a thorough explanation answering of the following questions:

  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. Why did He have to die?
  3. What does this mean for me?

Some of the participants actually came to believe for the first time, and many of those helping to lead learned better how to articulate the gospel, lead someone in small group Bible study, and answer questions from a non-believer.  Our prayer is that more would hear the gospel through Christianity Explored, and that more would be equipped to share their faith through it as well.

Christianity Explored is a DVD based study that is 7 sessions in length and can be hosted here at the church, or, if you prefer, in a house or other public site.

We can help supply the materials from the missions budget, help with promotion, and will train your group in how to lead out in the discussion too. If you and your group are interested, please email to get started.

Click the image below to learn more about the course as well.

Christianity Explored Course

Nov 29

Christmas Store 2012 – Sending and Serving and Following Up – What Part Will You Play?

If you have been around DSC for the past 5 or so years, you know that the Christmas Store project is a big deal.  As a body, we don’t do many corporate wide outreaches to the community (our hope is that as individuals and community groups will be on mission serving their neighbors and friends and the poor more organically). But, when we do, we really like to see the whole church get involved.  Check out this video, in case you missed it a couple of Sundays ago:

So, how can you get involved with the Christmas store?  Let me count the ways:

1.  Take (more) tags.  Every year is different when it comes to the velocity at which our tags get taken and gifts get bought.  This year has been unique in that the first Sunday, those tags flew off the tree.  “I couldn’t hardly keep enough tags on the tree,” said Carolyn Rush, our Christmas Store ministry organizer.  Yet the pace of tag flying and gift buying has slowed just a bit.  So, if you haven’t yet, or even if you have, please consider taking a handful or more tags in order to help shore up the number of gifts we have, and are praying lead to relationships and conversations. This Sunday (Dec 2nd) is the last opportunity to grab some tags, and December 9th is the deadline to have all the gifts back to the church.

2.  Serve at a Store.  Email Carolyn to get plugged in.

Setup or tear down the DSC Christmas Store – we need folks to help on Friday, Dec 14th to come set up the store from 2pm – 5pm.  Then on Saturday the 15th from 4pm – 6pm to clean up.

Meet, greet, wrap, help shop, make friends and pray with them at one of the stores.  We need lots of help at each of the store.

  • DSC store on December 15th from 9:00am-12:30PM or 12:30PM-4:00PM.  Our main target audience for this is the three elementary schools in this area.  Each school’s administration has committed to helping us find families that really need the help this year.
  • Navajo Reservation store is a full day trip and a blessing to both goer and receivers.
  • East Central Ministries COOP Christmas store runs from Dec 17th to Dec 20th (Mon-Thurs) from 9:30 to 12:00PM each day.
  • Juntos Store is at Vineyard Church on Monday Dec 17th from 5pm-9pm

3.  Follow up from the DSC Store.  Each ministry we partner with (Navajo churches, ECM, and Juntos) will be following up as needed with people that come to their stores and are open to spiritual conversations.  As for our DSC store, there are four ways in which we are hoping DSC folks can help by follow up with Christmas store participants.

  • A conversation, a friendship, and some biblical advice – First, we are hoping to offer folks a simple thing: “Would you like to talk with someone about life…?”  We anticipate that some who come to the store will be facing deeper struggles in their life and will need a friendly encounter with a Christian to help them in this time.  If someone signs up for this, we need several folks ready to meet a brand new friend who likely needs a compassionate listener who is also ready to offer some biblical advice.   This ministry boils down to being willing to make a friend, listen well, and offer the truth about Jesus in the context of a real relationship.  We will offer some basic training materials for you if this is something you’d like to do.  Email local@desertspringschurch in order to express interest in this particular follow up.


  • Financial Counseling through a “Money and Me” Course – In partnership with our friends at LOVE INC, we are planning to offer a financial planning course in early 2013 for anyone interested.  We will advertise this at the DSC Christmas store, but it will also be open to anyone at DSC.  Maybe you need a bit of coaching in this area yourself, or maybe you’d like to use some of your experience and knowledge in this area to help others.  Either way, email Josh if you’d like to get involved.


  • Christianity Explored – We are looking for a small group of DSC folks, or maybe a Community Group to take up the task of offerin this introduction to Christianity course starting in February.  We are ready to equip a small group to organize this ministry and use this 7 session (7 weeks) DVD based study to introduce friends, family, and Christmas store attendees to Jesus.  Want to know more or dive in? Email local@desertspringschurchClick here to learn more about Christianity Explored.


  • Resolving Everyday Conflict – This is another course offered by Peacemakers Ministries that gets quickly to the heart of the Gospel by appealing to believers and non-believers alike who are tired of the bickering and fighting that comes with nearly any kind of relationship.  Whether it is at work, in friendship, or in the family, conflict happens because we are all sinners.  This is also a DVD based course helps by pointing us all to the God who brings the reconciliation to himself and to each other through the cross of Christ. Email local@desertspringschurch for more info about how to help organize and lead this course.