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Jun 9

SNAP June 2012 Survey Trip Update #1

But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. (Malachi 4:2 ESV)

Before you plant a tree, you have to investigate the soil.  Before you plant churches, you have to survey the field.

This just in from our Sunrise North Africa Parternership (SNAP) team that is on a survey trip in that part of the world until June 10th.

The SNAP team leader writes:

We are here and are getting cleaned up after a long, long flight. Staying with some really nice folks. Tell everyone we made it here safely. Love to all the families.   – The Travelers

For more on the context and purpose of this trip, see this post.

Jun 8

Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP) Survey Trip Starts Today

As I type this post, our first SNAP couple along with one DSC elder and his wife, and one DSC deacon are about to embark on a survey trip to North Africa.  The goals of this trip include meeting up with current PIONEERS field leadership, brainstorming with them possible strategies and mission issues, and further solidifying the desire and vision for church planting in North Africa.

Our SNAP team leader sends these prayer request for their current trip:

  • That we would be quick to share our faith when the opportunity arises and be wise about our surroundings
  • That we would be encouraging with Scripture and love to the teammates we meet
  • That passion would well up in us for Christ’s name in dark places
  • That we would get direction and Godly counsel from the folks there
  • That we would enjoy our time
  • That our families in the US would do well away from us (we are leaving a lot of kids here!)

According to current plans, the first DSC SNAP couple will move to France, Lord willing, in early 2014.  They will spend at least six months becoming proficient in the French language.  French is the language of commerce in our SNAP country, and in order to operate efficiently our teams will need to speak French pretty well.  After language school in France, the first SNAP couple will move to North Africa in order to establish themselves there in business and ministry, and to refresh their proficiency in the local dialect.

Redemption Church‘s first SNAP couple is slated to hit the ground in France early in 2015, then transition to North Africa in late 2015 to join the DSC SNAP couple.  What an amazing way to partner with our sister church to spread God’s glory broader and deeper in the dark corners of the Earth.

All of these plans are being made with much prayer and hope that God will use the resources of time, talent and treasure that He has planted within DSC to make much of Himself through His Son by the power of His Spirit in North Africa for generations to come.

Many have already made personal sacrifices in order to give $1 per day in 2011, and now $2 per day in 2012, but honestly, we are not on pace to stay the course.  If you’d like to start giving $1 per day or more, check out our church planting page to see why and how you can start giving to our local and global church planting efforts.

Aug 1

SNAP Survey – 2009

2009 | by Clint | Category: Global,North Africa (SNAP),Trips

Two DSC members traveled with Arab World Ministries (AWM), our newly identified partner agency to meet with personnel in the SNAP region. This was a fruitful time to meet wonderful people pouring their lives out for sake of Christ’s name among the unreached. We learned much about the process and began narrowing our focus and strategy more as a result of this trip. The next step is to formalize our partnership with AWM through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that lays out the expectations of the agency and church in raising up and sending out a Church Based Church Planting Team (CBCPT).