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Aug 21

Reservation 101 – 2010

2010 | by Clint | Category: Global,Native American

From Astraea Duran to the team:

By God’s grace, in partnership with Bethel Navajo Baptist Church in Steamboat, Arizona…

We fed approximately 25-40 people (DSC and BNBC adults) 3 meals per day.

We fed lunch to 70-118 children and 20 adults every day.

Jacque, Brianna, and Adam Making Lunch

We bused in approximately 75 people per day for VBS, for 5 days, round trip. The round trip took approximately 4 hours per day.

We provided crafts, games and snacks for, on our peak day, 118 children from pre-k to high school.

We did all of this with a team of 18 people from DSC, and 8 (5 full time and 3 part time) workers from Bethel.

This is nothing short of incredible! This was definitely organized chaos, but you have to consider that we did all of this in an indoor space of approximately 1500 square feet. God worked in us and through us in a mighty and powerful way this week. I stand back in amazement of all He did through us and used us for. God is great and greatly to be praised because though we did all this, we did it with the strength and love and words that He Himself provided for His glory, that He may receive all the praise. (1 Peter 4:8-10)