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Apr 30

God’s Glory Spread Through Chainsaw Fellowship

2015 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Local,Native American

Earlier this month, DSC and some members from New City Church served a Native American reservation through their woodcutting ministry. Marvin G. writes:

During the beginning of the Butler’s ministry in the Counselor chapter of the Navajo Nation, they looked for a way they could minister to physical needs while ministering to spiritual needs and they were led by the Lord to their woodcutting ministry. In the beginning, more than twenty years ago, they cut by axe, because they did not have chainsaws. You can only imagine how difficult that was. While Dennie and I were blessed by the opportunity to host Pastor Tully, his wife Mary, and daughter Efren in our home, he told us a number of stories about learning English, about receiving the Lord and being called to the ministry, and about their woodcutting ministry to their community. Some of his stories were bittersweet. It was bitter because he sadly related about the breakdown of tradition and taking care of the elders. Many of the young people will make sure they have their nice cars and television but will do little to meet the needs of their grandparents, even to providing basic needs like firewood. It was sweet because the Butlers are formally recognized by tribal organization and the Counselor chapter health representative works with the Butlers and identifies people and shut-ins in need of firewood. It is a blessing to us in DSC to be used in this ministry. This past Saturday, while we were cutting, I was able to introduce the “Alphas to the Omegas.” Ben and Amber McBride, the “Alphas” and source of much of our wood, have been so generous to let us gather wood, lots of wood, from their property. The “Omegas,” the Butlers and our wood’s destination before it goes to those that need it, were able to meet the McBrides face-to-face while cutting wood on the McBride’s property in the east mountains. It is encouraging to see many of the same men, that have the same heart for this ministry, participating in this chainsaw fellowship, spreading God’s glory broader and deeper.

Dino Butler, son of Pastor Tully, also writes:

Thank you so much for helping the ministry that my parents have had in the Counselor area in such a vital area of need. My sister and parents do so much for the community and the spreading of the gospel; additional hands to the plow are such an encouragement. Thanks so much!!!

Woodcutting 1

Woodcutting 2

Apr 17

Western Indian Ministries (WIM) Update

2015 | by Clint | Category: Global,Mission Opportunity,Native American

Chuck and Cindy Harper of WIM write:WIM1

As a Christian Mission, our services are designed to specifically to help bring God’s hope to Life in Native America.  YOU are helping us make a difference in a big way! You make it possible for us to provide a wide variety of services that touch the lives of hundreds of people across the largest Indian Reservation in the United States.

Many of you made generous gifts at the end of the year! We couldn’t do all we do without you! Thank you!  2015 is off to a great start!  Here are some of the ways YOU are helping us make a difference.


Hilltop Christian School Spelling Bee

Hilltop continues to grow! We are approaching 60 students this year with a gifted and qualified staff! Mr. Eric Tiger is doing a terrific job as our School Principal.

This past week our students participated in a Reservation wide spelling bee. They did very well. We are looking forward to getting some new plants in our new hoop house this spring.

We had a wonderful Christmas Season, complete with special Christmas Programs that packed the house.

We received special hats, blankets, gloves, and gifts for the Hilltop children, elderly, and needy families. Thank you for the great blessings of giving to those who fight the cold.

We are also looking forward to some spring break visiting teams who will help rebuild some porches and do some other maintenance. Pray with us for some playground equipment.


Dino Butler & Praise Band

Each year, Chris for Native Youth hosts a training event for those who work directly with students on various Indian Reservations in the Southwest. This year, over 70 youth workers came to Albuquerque to learn more about working with youth.  We talked about purity, about how to share the gospel, and about “accelerating” our efforts in reaching more students with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

What a blessing to see groups of caring adults talk about their concerns for Native students, and pray for one another… worship with them as they let go of their worries. We heard comments like, “We need to understand teen depression….” or  having to deal issues such as domestic abuse or neutral gender. The caring adults expressed a desire to learn to minister to youths whose lives are affected on a daily basis with suicide and teen pregnancy.

Please be praying about our next youth leaders retreat coming up April 10-12 in Durango, Colorado.


Leon, Greg, Eric, Nelson

February was “March Madness” for our local sports broadcasting on all three of our radio stations.  We have the privilege of being the voice for our local high school sports broadcasting.

Greg Lewis, our Radio Broadcasting Director, put together a good team of people who follow at least three local High Schools broadcasting football and basketball.

We are looking forward to installing a new FM transmitter this spring which will expand our potential listening audience  – and improve our signal in Arizona and New Mexico!  We are especially blessed to have a new quality transmitter purchased by our listeners which took over three years of generous giving.

Our radio stations can be heard live online at! We even have an app you can download from your app store.”

Thank you!

We appreciate you so very much! You are making a difference!

Chuck Harper


Western Indian Ministries

Apr 9

DSC Woodcutting Trip on Saturday, April 11

2015 | by Clint | Category: Global,Local,Mission Opportunity,Native American

DSC has a ministry that supplies firewood to needy Native Americans living on the reservation for use year-round, as necessary for heating, cooking, and softening the soul for God’s Hand to work. We will be cutting and hauling wood on Saturday, April 11th in the East Mountains and truly need your help. Meet at the DSC Parking Lot at 8 AM for a few hours of fun, fellowship, and hard work…if you can’t make it this time, we will have plenty of opportunities throughout the year!

Please contact Lee Scott, or Marvin Gibson, for more information and to be included on our email distribution list.