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Guatemala Survey February 2005

2005 | by Clint | Category: Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

From Karen G.

Addressing the still fringe position of global outreach at DSC, and more specifically the adoption of the Rabinal Achi, we decided to make the next trip another relational one, inviting ministry leaders to visit San Miguel. Though most of them were not able to get away, we prayed and trusted that God would call those He wanted to be the next team. In late February, nine people: a youth leader, a young adult leader, a deacon and his wife, a Native American youth missionary couple, the music pastor, a computer guy and I took off to San Miguel to seek to expand and deepen both our relationships with the Achi and our understanding of our place in serving them.

We were blessed beyond measure with new experiences, including meeting with women in a church to study the Bible and discuss the idea of a ministry directed to their specific needs.  We were also able to share with a group of pastors and join Evangelist David and others on a hike uphill to the remote village of Patchalun. While there we had the opportunity to visit homes and a small school, inviting them to a viewing of the Jesus Film. As we visited schools, homes and house churches and were able to spend meal times with some Achi pastors and local folk, the Lord began to widen our understanding and passion for these remarkable people. Our young adults were welcomed into the fellowship of the youth in San Miguel, and a wonderful relationship developed that has proven to be very fruitful.

Home again, we labored over what we had seen and heard and learned about the Achi and about ourselves. The young adults continued their relationship via e-mail, and provision was made to contribute to the parachurch youth movement. Momentum was picking up; three new people joined the missions council because of their experience in Guatemala, and an innovative family pursued Compassion International to allow the support of Achi children from several projects in and around San Miguel. A typical Guatemalan lunch drew the congregation to see some pictures and hear stories; interest was stirring and summer trips conceived.

Brian L. getting to know the Achi children

An Achi Nazarene Church

Karen getting to know the loal Achi women

Karen and Matt with an Achi woman

An Achi Family

Two Beautiful Achi Boys