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Guatemala H2O – 2009

2009 | by Clint | Category: Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Fifteen DSC folks headed down to Guatemala to help with Vacation Bible School and with two clean water projects in Achiland in October of 2009. In preparation for this trip, the whole DSC body came along side this team by going on a two week “Sola Aqua” fast from all drinks except tap water. We all still ate food, but the money saved from buying carbonated, sweet, or caffeinated drinks was used for the trip (over $8700). And the headaches and cravings left us all thanking God for water and praying that He would bring both physical and living water to the Rabinal Achi.

Neither project was 100% complete upon return, but the water in one of our favorite villages (Chicholom) has improved dramatically since the system was put in place. And the DSC Guatemala Water Team continues to work with Dr. Jacobo, the Barreras, and the Achi communities to identify the next steps in both communities.