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Guatemala H2O – 2010

2010 | by Clint | Category: Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

From Jeff Dye:

I was incredibly blessed during the recent trip to Guatemala through the many friends I made the previous year. It was amazing to rekindle friendship with people I have little in common with other than the love of the Lord and shared work in water projects. During the week, in the trenches, in the process of installing a mile long, 3” water line to the underserved village of Chicahom, we talked about family, culture, language and Christ’s love and work on the cross. Shoulder to shoulder, we (mostly they) moved dirt. Hearts were moved too as we participated in the service and growth of a little church and a renewed unity with other small churches and the rest of the community.

From Desiree Fragua:

The Achi were a picture of 1 Peter 4:7-11 to me. Their beautiful gift of hospitality, never allowing us to feel as though we were an imposition, even with our obnoxious radios disturbing their peace or the inventory taking over a small area of their living space for a week. They were always gracious, working together. I was introduced to some of their members from the church that came to help at the house during the week, bringing their individual gifts to the family household, serving one another and enjoying the fellowship among themselves as they labored together doing their day to day routine chores and even providing food for the team. I was touched by the beauty of simplicity and gave glory to God for allowing me to see His Spirit in these people and this scripture lived out in this way.

I never realized how many limitations I had not only put on myself, but on God. I never felt qualified to go on a mission trip. I couldn’t see how God could use me outside my little world with the experience I had and didn’t have. I avoided mission trips. I wasn’t a doctor, dentist, nurse, teacher, engineer, or even a “laborer”. I was happy just to encourage my husband to go; he has many gifts to offer. But then, one Sunday, when someone put a deposit down for me to join Rick, I felt like I had been pushed out of the plane with only a parachute. There was no turning back. I was petrified and elated at the same time! As the date drew closer and closer, I had major anxieties not knowing why God continued to open doors for me, yet with still no specific purpose that I could see. Then, Thursday night, the evening before leaving to Guatemala, I began to feel the Lord tell me it’s not about the mission ahead but who is behind it—Him! For the first time I felt the burden lifted and a peace knowing that God had a plan and was in full control. I just needed to be still and know that He is God. I began to enjoy the unknown and to trust God to use me however it pleased Him.

On the last day while at Cerilo and Rosa’s house, I was privileged to watch a group of about 7-8 women, one man and one young boy work together in making a very special meal for us—Tamales. The process started the day before with grinding corn. Then that day they butchered the chicken, blended the chili and masa. Everyone contributed without grumbling, no one argued or debated who was going to do what or what was most important. Instead, they enjoyed the tasks that were given to them, from the seemingly insignificant tasks like shredding the long skinny leaves into finer strands to later serve to tie the tamales together, or the little boy running tirelessly back and forth, dragging the huge banana leaves that he was collecting for the women to use, to the fire that needed to be fed and contained, someone else preparing the masa and distributing it with the chili like an assembly line. Everyone had a unique responsibility. All the work that took the entire day was patiently done just to feed us a properly made meal for later that day. As I ate the tamale, I began to appreciate and realize how each person who contributed in this meal was so vital to the process of this humble, beautiful, in presence meal of two Tamales.

With that thought, I realized how we sometimes want to place a value on our gifts, talents or responsibilities that God has given each of us. I learned that God truly desires and is able to use each and every one of us. Our significance (or even seemingly insignificance) is not for us to question or place a value on. Once we submit our will to His in faith, come together as Christians and trust in Him, He can then use us to properly “feed” His people.

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us…” Ephesians 3:20.