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A Letter from Pastor David in Achi Land

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi

Achi Pastor David Ixcopal is being trained in Community Health Evangelism (CHE).  He is a pastor, a church planter, and a father of 11. He has been working closely with Dr. Jaime Jacobo (of Guatemala City) to implement more CHE projects in and around the village of San Francisco, where his church plant is.

Pastor David, Clint, and Byron

He writes:

Querido Clint,

Hermano en Cristo Jesús.  It is a blessing for me to grab a piece of paper and my pen to write to you this present message.As a servant of God, I am very thankful, in first place, to God and also with you in Manantiales, for your financial help and for your spiritual help.

I want to thank you for sending the money for the operation of my son.  I thank God and each one of you, men and women, for sending your offerings to help us.  We thank you for having that very special heart for the Ixcopal family.

We pray for God to continue pouring His blessing on the life of each one of you.Please allow me to tell you.  With the church we had been praying for the amplification of the water system in San Francisco, which would benefit the whole community: but there is a group of the community, contrary to the Gospel, that started spreading rumor that you came to the area looking for precious stones.  This as the reason why some members of the community had decided to put aside the water project.

Dr Jacobo and I insisted with Higinio to get the community together so we could present to the project.  Higinio invited the community several times, but got no favorable answer. On one of those meetings, one woman who has been very adverse to the Gospel started talking evil about you, but the she started to choke and fell backwards to the ground.  When the people saw this, they went to help her with first aid methods.  Five minutes later the woman reacted, but in spite of this the community didn’t come to an agreement.

Higinio insisted once more to gather them together and request from them to think well their decision, because later they could be sorry.  someone got up and spoke about how you had started  the work in the community, he mention that Higinio had written evidences from their own registers of each previous meetings and that there was nothing to indicate that you only were coming to search for precious metals.

They ask if there was anybody else wanted to talk and Danilo, a member of the Baptist Church and co-pastor with me, got up and spoke about the work that you have been doing in the last years.  He mentioned that you have a great love for God, and in the same way you love the Rabinal-Achí people.  He also mentioned that you didn’t want just to work for the evangelical church but for the whole community.  He talked about the Barrera living among us for more than thirty years and never had followed any personal interest, and that instead they had worked to serve the community.  After this the community decided to sign the book of registers in favor of approving the project.  Almost every one decided in favor, only five didn’t want to sign the book.I beg your prayer for Danilo, he loves the Lord and wants to serve Him with all his heart.

Once again, thank you for your help to my family and the ministry God has given us.

Your brother in Christ.

Pastor David Ixcopal

Let us heighten our resolve to pray for Pastor David, his family, his church, his village, and his mission to spread God’s glory broader and deeper among the Achi.  And let us thank God for the priviledge of being a part of His work to spread the gospel in word, and paving the way through deed.