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May 7

Redemption Church Update

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

Yesterday, my family and I were able to visit Redemption Church in Rio Rancho, (DSC’s first local church plant).  What a blessing to see God uniting these former DSC folks to one another and to new people they are inviting into the community of faith.

Pastor Carlos is preaching through the book of Mark currently, and though they are still meeting at French’s Mortuary, you can sense the eagerness and life blood of the church growing as they look to occupy their site at Southern and 528 later this month, Lord willing.  Carlos announced that it could be as early as this coming Sunday (May 13th) that they hold services there, assuming they receive their permit to occupy sometime this week.

Please continue to pray for Redemption Church.  That God will unite them under Christ and His word, and that He will use them as salt and light in Rio Rancho to bring more people into contact with and faith in Jesus.

Redemption Church is a testimony to God and His work of planting churches that plant churches.  Click here to find out more about supporting the effort.


May 7

Full Circle

2012 | by Clint | Category: Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

As many of you know, our very own Marvin G. is in Antigua this, and last, and next week studying Spanish in preparation for helping with the Achi pastors’ conference (May 25-26), the medical clinics (May 28 – June 1), and then the young adult team (June 2-27).   Well, just yesterday, Marvin had the pleasure of meeting up with our beloved partners, Carol and Rodrigo Barrera.  They picked him up from Antigua Saturday, had a good meal, and then spent the evening catching up on old times.  On Sunday, Rodrigo and Marvin attended the only Acts 29 in Guatemala City called Casa Libertad and an orphanage this church has established called Fundaninos.  Note: Acts 29 is the same network we partnered with to plant Redemption Church earlier this year.

Pastor Francisco at Casa Libertad is eager to see if the team of young adults will come and serve some at their orphanage, and he will again this year (as he did last year) be teaching along side DSC elder Tim Ragsdale, DSC Paradox leader Greg Schneeberger, and DSC Guatemala Community Health Evangelism (CHE)  lead Bart Faris, at the pastors’ conference later this month.

It is an amazing thing to see God merge several passions into one stream of ministry all at once over in Guatemala and Achi land.

Please continue to pray for Marvin and his language learning, and for the pastors’ conference team, the medical team, the physical therapy team, and the young adult team, as they continue to prepare for this mission.

Also, you can follow Marvin in more detail (and more color) at:

God is great, and greatly to be praised, among all peoples.