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Jun 8

Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP) Survey Trip Starts Today

As I type this post, our first SNAP couple along with one DSC elder and his wife, and one DSC deacon are about to embark on a survey trip to North Africa.  The goals of this trip include meeting up with current PIONEERS field leadership, brainstorming with them possible strategies and mission issues, and further solidifying the desire and vision for church planting in North Africa.

Our SNAP team leader sends these prayer request for their current trip:

  • That we would be quick to share our faith when the opportunity arises and be wise about our surroundings
  • That we would be encouraging with Scripture and love to the teammates we meet
  • That passion would well up in us for Christ’s name in dark places
  • That we would get direction and Godly counsel from the folks there
  • That we would enjoy our time
  • That our families in the US would do well away from us (we are leaving a lot of kids here!)

According to current plans, the first DSC SNAP couple will move to France, Lord willing, in early 2014.  They will spend at least six months becoming proficient in the French language.  French is the language of commerce in our SNAP country, and in order to operate efficiently our teams will need to speak French pretty well.  After language school in France, the first SNAP couple will move to North Africa in order to establish themselves there in business and ministry, and to refresh their proficiency in the local dialect.

Redemption Church‘s first SNAP couple is slated to hit the ground in France early in 2015, then transition to North Africa in late 2015 to join the DSC SNAP couple.  What an amazing way to partner with our sister church to spread God’s glory broader and deeper in the dark corners of the Earth.

All of these plans are being made with much prayer and hope that God will use the resources of time, talent and treasure that He has planted within DSC to make much of Himself through His Son by the power of His Spirit in North Africa for generations to come.

Many have already made personal sacrifices in order to give $1 per day in 2011, and now $2 per day in 2012, but honestly, we are not on pace to stay the course.  If you’d like to start giving $1 per day or more, check out our church planting page to see why and how you can start giving to our local and global church planting efforts.

Jun 6

Want to Serve International Students in the Name of Christ?

2012 | by Clint | Category: Global,Local,Mission Opportunity

International Students INC. (ISI) is a Christ centered ministry focused on loving, serving, and proclaiming the gospel to international university students.  As a church, we have partnered intentionally with ISI of Albuquerque in the past to raise up “friendship partners” who faithfully come alongside these students visiting a foreign land.  Our hope is that our care for them will reflect Christ as we help them settle in and feel at home.

This is a strategic partnership because God has ordained it such that America is very attractive (for the time being) academically to many nations that are either pre or post Christian.  What a great opportunity to befriend a student, help them meet their physical needs, and point them toward spiritual truth.

Many international university students don’t ever get an invitation into the home of an American while studying in the States.  This is tragically ironic based on the fact that most of them come seeking to learn more about the people, the culture, and even religion.  I have personally found that my ISI friendship partners are eager to talk about spiritual things and to tell the stories of their people and listen to the story of mine.

Check out ISI’s website to learn more about their purpose and vision, or their Albuquerque chapter to learn more about how you can get involved.  Also, see below for specific ways you can help this summer.

And click here to read what international students impacted by ISI are saying.

If you’d like to get involved this summer, here are two specific ways you can help this summer as international students arrive:

International Students Need Your Couch and Your Savior

International Students INC. of Albuquerque will again be collecting gently used furniture and household goods for the new international students who will be arriving at UNM this August.  Please, if possible, keep these items until August 1, then, bring them to the Baptist Student Union (401 University Blvd.).  If you need them to be picked up, contact Don Patterson, or 350-8880 to arrange for pickup after August 1.  Thank you for your gracious support!


Helping International Students Arrive and Adjust in the Name of Christ

International Students INC. of Albuquerque will be welcoming more than 300 new international students to UNM this August. Will you prayerfully consider how you can participate in this Global Mission in your own back yard.  Opportunities abound to share Christ’s love by providing: Airport Pickup/Temporary Home-stays, Lunch, Transportation, Adjustment assistance, and Orientation to Albuquerque. Contact to learn how you can join our ISI Albuquerque team and reach out to people from all over the world.

Jun 5

Reflecting on Redemption and Their Upcoming Grand Opening “Jesus Party”

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

Pastor Carlos, over at DSC’s first church plant, Redemption Church, is doing a blog series on taking a look back at how God formed Redemption Church over the past year.  What a cool way to celebrate what God has done and is doing to glorify Himself through Jesus and this church plant.

From the Redemption Church blog:

Over the next few days I am going to be posting a bit of a “Look Back” series to see where we have come in the past year as we get ready to celebrate on Sunday in our new place. Here is the 1st post:

One year ago we had our first informational BBQ. At that time, Redemption Church only existed in prayer and vision. The BBQs served as a means of sharing the vision I had for Redemption Church. What was the vision? The vision was for a church with Jesus at the center. The church would be passionate and excited to see people meet Jesus, as well as to see their city be transformed by the gospel. The people that came to these meetings were not sure if Redemption Church was going to be their home, but they came to pray and see if this is where God would have them. Many were members of Desert Springs Church, which is a larger church. They were presented with a vision for joining a church plant, which would lack many things that a larger church has. Before and after these meetings, I prayed that God would call the right people. I prayed for people who would love Jesus, jump in, and lead in a way that Redemption Church would be filled with people on mission for Jesus from day one. By God’s grace, those who God called to Redemption have been a blessing, and have caught the vision to “make disciples and plant churches”. Today, that vision has not changed although many other things have.

We are amazed by what God has done in the past year at Redemption. This Sunday, we will celebrate the “Grand Opening” of our new, permanent location. We will have what we are calling a “Jesus Party”, including our first baptisms as a church. I will talk more about the vision of the church, and we will pray for the next few years at Redemption.

Plan to join us at 10am in Rio Rancho (4100 Southern Blvd. Suite 1A, 87124)!