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Jun 11

SNAP June 2012 Survey Trip Update #2

This just in from our SNAP Team Leader:

  • We got pulled over but my wife talked the cop out of giving us a ticket.
  • Have been in 6-8 hrs of meetings each day
  • We were just down the road from a world cup qualifying match which ended at midnight and kept everyone up very late from the partying in the streets
  • We had a huge feast of fried calamari, fish and eel as we arrived at a coastal city

Here are some updated prayer requests they sent as well:

  • Safety. the driving is pretty sketchy here
  • Wisdom. We are presented a lot of options and opportunities for future work.
  • Endurance. We want to serve and encourage but it is easy just to take and be served (and we are already pretty exhausted)

Please continue to pray for them as they continue on this whirlwind survey trip.

And read here to find out how you can support their current and future church planting efforts in North Africa.

Jun 11

Guatemala May Mission Update – Another Note From The Well Team

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More from The Well team in Rabinal Achi country: (from this past weekend’s ministry in a village called Santa Inez)

As our team arrived in Santa Inez for a two day outreach I was immediately taken aback by the breathtaking views.

Breathtaking views

We were invited up to church to meet the community leaders and eat what I thought would be our breakfast. As a huge bowl of Atol was handed to me I sat down to


drink this bowl of mush. (Atol: texture: glue. Taste: liquid tortilla + a hint of chile and salt). With each swallow I could feel a complaint coming to my lips, but then I stopped and remembered Eucharisteo (thanksgiving).

Even in this moment I know that I can find something that I am thankful for:

  • Safe traveling up to this beautiful place
  • A bowl of warm food, as others have empty hungry bellies
  • the sacrifice people must have made to feed me this bowl of mush

There, I have done it I have found JOY! As each new mouthful went down the taste became better and better and just like that I was done. I then found out that that was our appetizer and that we needed to walk down to the pastor’s house for actual breakfast. After our breakfast we piled into the back of a pick-up and drove to the soccer field for some fun with the youth of the town. When I say ‘we piled into the back of a pick-up’ I mean our team plus about 15 other Guatemalans.

Fast-forward to 3:30 PM. We had just finished lunch and just like that we were off to make house visits. As I stood and the bottom of an 80 degree incline hill I questioned our leader again just to make sure I heard him right, “the houses we need to go to are up there…?” Our leader was not mistaken. For about a mile we climbed, well I might as well make this fun!  And just like that we were off running up this hill, leaping from rock to rock. We stopped to catch our breath and waited for the others to catch up. This process repeated itself at least another five times.

We stopped at our first house and I found yet another thing to be thankful for: Morro (Blackberry) juice that the family gave us.

Up another hill to another house, running after Eder down the hill, over to another hill to see another family and yet again more races to the top, and then back down and over to the next hill. Up, over, down, up, over, up and then finally back down. Four hours of hiking/racing/praying/blessings; that was my afternoon.

The morning of finding thanksgiving was just a prelude to my night. “Well time to go to bed, wait I mean floor.” Yet again I had the opportunity to grow a seed of bitterness or of thanksgiving.

I found myself laying there counting my eucharisteo’s:

  • a soft pillow to rest my head
  • a warm blanketSophiassss
  • a roof over my head
  • going to bed with a full stomach, as others go hungry
  • a mosquito net
  • more hours to spend with the Lord
  • snores from the room next door
  • flashlights for Bible reading

For hours I laid there, I counted, I thanked until the sun rose over the hillside and a new day broke.


Jun 11

Guatemala Mission – The Young Adult Team in San Nicolas

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Our young adult team of three, led by Marvin G. is ministering daily with and to the Rabinal Achi.  They return June 27th, but are focused and spending every ounce of energy they have this month to cross language and cultural boundaries for the sake of spreading God’s glory broader and deeper among the Achi.

Sophia E. is one of the DSC young adults on this trip, and she has been to Rabinal Achi country several times.

Sophia writes:

I have truly seen and experienced God using us in way that I have never experienced on any of my prior mission trips. Wednesday Brian, Rachel, and I went to a dear friend of mine (Irma’s) school to help her teach an English class. I was expecting an elementary class because I knew that she worked at an elementary school.  However, I found myself standing at the front of a class room teaching thirty 20-48 year-old adults. Brian and Rachel, who had never taught an English class before, were obviously hesitant and a bit out of their comfort zone.

Thankfully, in the end, it turned out to be really fun and a really big encouragement for all of us. At the end of the class Irma asked her students if they wanted to say anything to us. One of the older men in the classroom stood up and said, “Thank you for helping my people”. You could see in his eyes how sincere he was and it was such an affirmation to me. I am here in Guatemala and I am doing good, even when I feel like I am not doing enough or that I could be doing so much more. God brought me to that school to tell me just what I needed to hear and to leave encouraged and praising God for using me.

This past Friday we went to San Nicolas for an outreach with OR4. OR4 is an organization that a group of young Achi men started 8 years ago. They created this organization to reach out to the young people in San Miguel and in neighboring villages. We arrived at San Nicolas late in the afternoon; we soon split up into three smaller groups and walked around the village, door to door, inviting people to come to our event and prayed for any specific needs they had. Many people asked for prayer for illnesses, family problems, and spiritual growth. One girl even asked for help trusting in Christ. Her mother-in-law gave us all cucumbers as a “thank you”. It was a sweet time to lay hands on the Achi people as we continue to build relationships with them. At 6:45pm we started a big fogota (bonfire) out in the middle of a soccer field where Rachel gave her testimony, we had a time of worship, and a local pastor Omar gave a sermon. I was very encouraged my Omar’s teaching.

Here are some photos from their time:

Quatro Gringos y muchas Achis


Too bad they aren't having much fun... (dripping sarcasm)


La fogota (the bonfire) and Rachel giving her testimony


Gringos y Achis