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Jul 30

An Update from Arab World Media

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Global,North Africa (SNAP)

Arab World Media (AWMedia) is a part of PIONEERS, our missionary sending agency we have partnered with to send our SNAP families to plant churches in North Africa.

One of AWMedia’s main ministries is, an evangelistic website targeting the technologically savvy youth of the Arab world with spiritual engagement through many different topics.  DSC gives monthly to support the maarifa project.

We also support PALM (Preparing Arab Leaders for Ministry), which does just that.  You can learn more here.

Their website has a recent post where you can pray for a specific country.

Their latest Media Impact Update includes the following sections (among others):

Ramadan 2012 

What is Ramadan? Look up at the sky on Thursday night. If it’s clear, you should see a crescent moon. This will mean that Ramadan has begun. Tonight, there will be much feasting in preparation for tomorrow….

Reaching Muslims During

Ramadan  Ramadan is an important time to pray for and reach out to Muslims. Some will be more aware of spiritual things and perhaps more likely to have dreams and visions while others will be drawn away and distracted by the routine of fasting and feasting. Our Maarifa team has several things planned to coincide with this event…

Paying Please pray for our ministry and for Muslims of the Arab world…     

Pray for those who have questions to find answers that satisfy.     Pray for those who have already turned to Christ or who are close to faith and in need of our support.     Pray that many Saudis would be amazed to see a testimony from one of their own countrymen and that this testimony would give courage to others to step out in faith…

AWMedia’s director will be visiting DSC in October (Lord Willing).  Please look forward with us to meeting him, and hearing him preach on October 21st (Missions Emphasis Sunday).  We are also hoping to have a time of Q&A with him and Dr. Jacobo (our partner from Guatemala) later that day at DSC.

Jul 25

Update from Dr. Jaime Jacobo and Janette Pineda

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi

Dr. Jacobo and his wife Janette are our dear partners from Guatemala City.  We share with them a heart to help reach more and more Rabinal Achi with the gospel, as well as see the Rabinal Achi mobilized toward global missions among the unreached peoples of the world.  Dr. Jacobo specializes in Community HEalth Evangelism (CHE), and we support their ministry as a church through praying, giving, and going. Dr. Jacobo works as a surgeon full time in Guatemala City, and takes several weeks off each year to serve the Rabinal Achi and other poor and hurting people in other countries like Panama and even North Africa.

We have invited Dr. Jacobo and Janette to visit Desert Springs this fall (late October) for Missions Emphasis Sunday (October 21st).  They have accepted our invitation and we look forward to reconnecting with them.  Below is their latest ministry update, which includes some details of our latest May missions team.

Dr. Jacobo writes.

Dear all our friends greetings from Guatemala.  I want to apologize for not sending news about our ministry, but one of my challenges is to work in my ministry as a missionary and combine to my profession as a Doctor, but here is a small view of what we are doing on this last three months:

In the last 2 weeks of May we had our annual pastoral conference in La Posada del Quetzal and the main topic was accountability and we had a excellent time sharing experience weaknesses and strengths each others and keep open to have a group of mentors close to us to help us with their experience. Also in May we had a medical outreach [from DSC] in 3 communities in Baja Verapaz in which we saw more than 300 [patients]. [A}lso the physical therapists saw a lot of patients also we give medicine to a 95% of all of them, many people listen to the evangelism through the proclaimers and personal [testimony]. Also the engineer gave a training to give maintenance water project to one village.

In the first week of June we celebrate medical, dental and ophthalmologists outreach with a group of Rotary team from Tennessee Hendersonville headed by Doctor Bill Taylor and which we saw a total of 1,463 patients, 552 dental, 294 fillings, cleanings 115, 157 children, 681 glasses also psychologist 73, many of them got 2 or 3 services at the same time, this was realize in REMAR (this place is a orphanage) who open the doors to the neighborhood. This was the first time the Lord gives me the opportunity to work with my older son Jaco as a 2 Doctors (colleagues) and Doctor Bill know Jaco since he was 8 years old. Faithful friend helping Guatemala 18 years in a row more or less.

By giving regularly to DSC general fund, you are giving to the Pinedas’ ministry.  But if you’d like to go above and beyond your normal giving to DSC, and your church planting giving, here is one very worthy way to give by supporting the Pinedas.

Please make checks payable to VERBO.

Note in the memo line Jacobo and Jannette Pineda in Guatemala.

Verbo Ministries P.O. Box 190

Kenner, LA, 70063, USA

You can also make a contribution online at  Click on “Donations” and chose either Option 1 (Automatic Bank Draft) or Option 2 (Debit or Credit Card).  Be sure to indicate that the contribution is for Jacobo & Jannette Pineda PD: Manager Roger Cruz Office Tel: (504) 466-0095

Jul 23

Three Pastors and Four Hopes for Redemption Church

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Local,Redemption Church

On Sunday, July 15th, Pastor Ron Giese and I, along with a handful of others from Desert Springs attended the worship service at Redemption Church.  As you know, Redemption is our first of many church plants, Lord willing. Sunday was a significant day in the life of Redemption in that Carlos, the preaching pastor commissioned two other men as elders.  Bryan Lopez and Aaron C (last name reserved because of future missions plans).  Just like DSC, Redemption believes in the necessity of a plurality of eldership for the health, protection, and accountability of a local congregation.  We should all consider this an awesome blessing from God and sign that Redemption is indeed growing in Christ, and it should renew our commitment to pray for them and the hopes they have for Rio Rancho and beyond.

Pastor Carlos commissioning Pastor Aaron and Pastor Bryan at Redemption Church - Sunday July 15th

Speaking of hopes, Pastor Carlos has recently laid out four hopes of Redemption on their blog.  These hopes are derived from the recently appointed president of Acts 29, Matt Chandler, and his hope for the A29 Network. (Acts 29 is the church planting network that Redemption is a part of).



Here are summaries of the four hopes, with links so that you can read more:

Pastor Carlos writes:

Hope #1: That Redemption will Plant Churches that Plant Churches – Our mission as a church is to “make disciples and plant churches”. We will discuss the first part of that mission in a later post, but part of our DNA is to plant churches. We did not plant hoping to just grow our church. We are praying that we will grow; however, our aim is to ultimately be a place of training, supporting, and sending.

Hope #2: Humility – My prayer is that through our passion for deep study and theology we would be affected deeply in a humbling way. I pray we would love other churches that agree and disagree with us on certain issues, knowing that we are all a part of the Body of Christ. I pray we would not assume the worst in others, but give them the benefit of the doubt. My hope is that Redemption would not be known as a church of theological sharp-shooters, but as people who stand firm in a broken and humble way.

Hope #3: A Radically Diverse Church – I pray that Redemption would be a reflection of the diversity of the community we are placed in. I pray we would not settle to be a homogenous unit whether in stage of life, ethnicity, or even political leanings. I pray we would take the gospel call to all peoples, and as a church seriously pray towards that end.

Hope #4: Be Serious About Evangelism and Praying for Conversions – Redemption exists to see people meet Jesus. We don’t exist for our comforts, our needs, or our wants. We exist so that many will be saved. We were blessed to see 4 people baptized at our grand opening service. I pray that we would see thousands more baptisms in the lifetime of Redemption Church. In fact, I am praying to see 8 more baptisms take place before the end of 2012. I pray Redemption is known for telling others about Jesus, and for being a “city on a hill” in our area.

As a their sister church, may God use us at DSC to pray toward these hopes and encourage Redemption in them, even as we strive for them as well.