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Jul 6

Expanding Medical Missions to the Rabinal Achi through Physical Therapy

2012 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Our annual May mission trip to Guatemala, designed to minister to and with the Rabinal Achi people, began this year on May 25th and ended June 3rd.

In this video, Koren Saiers (mother of three and wife to Chris Saiers – staff member at DSC), reflects on the Physical Therapy component, which was a new element added this year to our medical missions to the Achi.

Click on the video below or here to hear Koren’s impressions from the mission.

Jul 2

TC12 – Joining AWM by Praying for North Africa

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Global,North Africa (SNAP)


Arab World Media is a ministry of Pioneers and they are currently doing a program called TC12, which is 12-month prayer initiative for 10 key Arab world countries. They are using  (a project that DSC gives to through our SNAP core initiative) as a means to reach Muslims all over North Africa and Middle East using online tailor-made gospel presentations.  The site features forums they can ask questions about Christianity and can also request materials to be sent to them.

This month will you join us in praying for Morocco?

Morocco is a country located on the Northwest border of Africa and has around 32 million people with over 99% being Muslim.  There are about 1,000 known national Christians but only half are meeting in fellowship with other believers.  Two years ago widespread expulsions of ex-patriots left Morocco with a depleted number of workers.  With the month Ramadan nearly upon us, it’s imperative we pray for strongholds to be broken across the North Africa and the Middle East.   Ramadan begins July 20th and is a period of intense spiritual oppression in the Arab world and as it approaches it will be much on people’s minds. Please pray that the coming fast would cause many to question the value of trying to please God in this way. Pray that they would be interested to learn what Christians believe about fasting.  Also pray for as Ramadan subjects the site to more cyber-hacking.  People are trying to take it down so others cannot access it and have an opportunity to hear the Good News of Christ.

Here are some things to pray for throughout the month(s):

Monday:  Pray that the content of our website would truly bless Moroccans. Pray that it would lead many on a journey towards salvation. Pray that our site would remain accessible and that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as he guides.

Tuesday: Plans are in the works for a Facebook discussion starter video on the ‘death boats’. These are boats of refugees who brave the seas in an effort to reach Europe and start a new life there. The boats are often overcrowded and many die as a result of dehydration or drowning. The Arab Awakening has led to increasing numbers attempting to leave their homeland in this way – not just from Morocco. Pray that this video would provoke a healthy discussion on the issue. Pray that as people are challenged to give their own view on this subject, they would also be drawn into other discussions, maybe even spiritual ones.

Wednesday: Most Moroccans have had no contact with Christians at all. They have a false understanding of what Christianity is because they assume that it is political. They see the West going to war with countries like Iraq and it makes them believe that Christians are against Muslims. In addition, their exposure to Western music, television and film reinforces a view that Christians are immoral. Pray that these misconceptions would be removed through meeting Christians and learning the difference between being Western and being a follower of Christ. Pray that the true Christian lifestyle would be attractive to many Moroccans.

Thursday: Pray for strongholds of the Evil One to be broken. Folk Islam is widely practiced in Morocco, even in modern cities. Examples include curses and the evil eye, superstitions, fears of Jinn or demons, and wearing or displaying the hand of Fatima.

Friday: Please pray for a new sister in Christ who gave her life to Christ just a few weeks ago and was recently baptized. She has terminal cancer that has spread throughout her body and the doctors have given her no hope of cure or survival. Please pray for a miracle of healing as well as a miracle of more family members coming to Christ in the days to come. She is a single mother of five.

Saturday: Pray for existing believers in Morocco. Rejoice that some are boldly sharing with family and friends, including Salima who has been telling her cousin about Jesus. Pray for spiritual and physical protection over those taking the gospel to their own nation, including several members of our own response and follow-up teams. Also pray for wisdom.

Sunday: Pessimism and negative feelings are widespread in Morocco. Many feel there is too much corruption, greed and distrust in society and are critical of themselves, the government and the king. Pray for social and spiritual change. Pray for a lifting of negative attitudes and feelings and for any societal change to be peaceful and positive. Pray that Moroccans would have freedom to express themselves and freedom to choose what to believe. Pray that believers would be legally recognized and given freedom to practice their faith without fear.

For more information visit  Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel!

Jul 1

VBS as Mission?

2012 | by Clint | Category: Local,Mission Opportunity


Vacation Bible School is almost here! Beginning July 16th and running until July 20th, VBS is an exciting, week-long adventure at DSC. This year’s theme is PRAISE. And we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to put Christ on display and then teach the children that our right response is to praise Him.  Children from our church and from the community will come each evening (6:00pm to 8:30pm) to learn more about God and they’ll have a fun, engaging time in the process. And much more than a good time, VBS represents a vital opportunity to share the love of Christ with the children, and their families, who participate in VBS. The gospel will be shared numerous times from the classroom to the worship assembly and at many points along the way. Since sharing the gospel with these children is a primary focus for us, VBS is also an incredible opportunity for DSC folks to be on mission.

Here’s what that could look like:

1.    Invite children from your extended families, school, neighborhood, etc. to attend VBS. Our VBS is free (many in the community are not) so it’s an attractive event for many families, even those who would never enter a church in another capacity.

2.    Volunteer your time during VBS. We are currently in need of many more volunteers. Our largest number of children on one night last year was 350 children! That’s a lot of kids and it takes many hands to make VBS run smoothly. We need help running games, serving snacks, providing meals for our volunteers, and decorating the church just to name a few areas. You can email us at to volunteer or sign up at the VBS kiosk in the foyer or at the VBS table in the Children’s Area. 

3.    Pray. Pray for God to be glorified through VBS. Pray for the details to come together for His glory. Pray for God to bring many children and pray that He would prepare their hearts to hear and respond to the Gospel. Pray for the families who will be inside of our church building for the first and possibly only time that they would see Christ’s love for them in the way that we serve them and their children.


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