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Jul 30

An Update from Arab World Media

2012 | by Clint | Category: Church Planting,Global,North Africa (SNAP)

Arab World Media (AWMedia) is a part of PIONEERS, our missionary sending agency we have partnered with to send our SNAP families to plant churches in North Africa.

One of AWMedia’s main ministries is, an evangelistic website targeting the technologically savvy youth of the Arab world with spiritual engagement through many different topics.  DSC gives monthly to support the maarifa project.

We also support PALM (Preparing Arab Leaders for Ministry), which does just that.  You can learn more here.

Their website has a recent post where you can pray for a specific country.

Their latest Media Impact Update includes the following sections (among others):

Ramadan 2012 

What is Ramadan? Look up at the sky on Thursday night. If it’s clear, you should see a crescent moon. This will mean that Ramadan has begun. Tonight, there will be much feasting in preparation for tomorrow….

Reaching Muslims During

Ramadan  Ramadan is an important time to pray for and reach out to Muslims. Some will be more aware of spiritual things and perhaps more likely to have dreams and visions while others will be drawn away and distracted by the routine of fasting and feasting. Our Maarifa team has several things planned to coincide with this event…

Paying Please pray for our ministry and for Muslims of the Arab world…     

Pray for those who have questions to find answers that satisfy.     Pray for those who have already turned to Christ or who are close to faith and in need of our support.     Pray that many Saudis would be amazed to see a testimony from one of their own countrymen and that this testimony would give courage to others to step out in faith…

AWMedia’s director will be visiting DSC in October (Lord Willing).  Please look forward with us to meeting him, and hearing him preach on October 21st (Missions Emphasis Sunday).  We are also hoping to have a time of Q&A with him and Dr. Jacobo (our partner from Guatemala) later that day at DSC.