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Aug 6

Crowns of Beaty for Exotic Dancers?

2012 | by Clint | Category: Local,Mission Opportunity

Crowns of Beauty (COB) is the name of a small group at Desert Springs that desire to see Christ honored in a unique pocket of lostness of our City.  Their goal is straight forward and radical. They long for the exotic dancers who live and work in Albuqueurque to come to a saving knowledge of and faith in Jesus Christ.  One of the founders, DSC member Shannon, says “Crowns of Beauty exists to share the abundant blessings of love, that are freely given to us by Jesus Christ, with exotic dancers in Albuquerque.”

Under the oversight of DSC staff and elders, Shannon and her husband Jason, along with a few others, formulated a strategic plan to reach into this relatively untouched pocket of the City.  Once per month, two or three women will go into a club, grab a table, and engaged with the dancers in conversation as they are able to.  Their husbands stand “guard” outside the door and get to know the bouncers and the cook as he takes a smoke break.  Employees both inside and outside the club have noted how COB isn’t like the “other” church groups that come here.

Shannon shares further:

“As we go to the club each month we bring gift bags for all the ladies, love on them, and get to know them. Inside there is a Starbucks gift card and an invitation to join us there after the shift. Praise God our relationships are growing. We are thrilled in the response we receive! We are welcomed and invited back. Glory be to God for preparing the way!”

In early July COB reported the following:

“Our latest update is the joy we have in receiving our first email from a women who expressed her gratitude to the team for the love that is showed to her and her co-workers.”

“There have also been relationships growing between the men at the door and the men on our team. The men have had prayer requests and meaningful conversations.”

More recently the women of COB have been able to spend more time chatting about life situations and are even having spiritual conversations.  One of the dancers grew up “Christian” and is interested in visiting DSC. Some are proud of what they do for work, and still others “hate it” believing it to be the only way to support their family.

COB’s hopes for the future:

“Our hope for the near future is that we will continue to get to know these women, love them by meeting them where they are at, as Jesus meets us where we are at. We want to pray for them, be there for them and form lasting friendships. Our hopes for the big picture is that the women we meet will drink of the ‘living water.’ And that through the gift of grace they will receive a new life, cleansed and pure, through faith in Christ.”

COB has partnered with their Community Group at DSC.  Their CG is currently rallying to offer work on a vehicle for one of the women as well as help find alternative employment for another.

This is a wonderful picture of DSC members Worshiping our God together in Community, and then going on mission together.  For more encouraging insights into how we should be about loving others to Christ, be sure to check out the audio (coming online soon) from this past weekend’s Saturday Seminar by Jerram Barrs called “Bridges and Barriers.”  It was a challenging teaching from Jerram on the stories of Jesus ministering to Zaccheus (Luke 19) and the Sammaritan woman at the well (John 4), both of whom seemed to be “impossible converts.”  There is also a short Q&A time  from Saturday as well as Jerram’s sermon from Ruth 3 that were both very helpful as well.

May the God who has replaced our ashes with a crown of beauty, in Christ, continue to show His mercy as COB goes on mission.

Want to get involved?  email Shannon and Jason.

If you have any questions about the nature of this ministry, please email Local Missions leadership  (Tim R. Elder and Clint M. Director) here at Desert Springs.