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Aug 13

Love I(n the) N(ame of) C(hrist) – “Back to Serve”

2012 | by Clint | Category: Local,Love INC,Mission Opportunity

Love In the Name of Christ (INC) is one of DSC’s Local Missions strategic partners.

Love INC serves as a clearing house for physical needs of families in our city, with the goal of connecting them to resources both in churches and in the community.  Ultimately, they exist to be the eyes and ears for local churches in Albuquerque, and to help churches use their resources wisely and efficiently to serve those needing physical assistance.

For example, if a person calls or walks into DSC needing help with bill payments, furniture, or other physical needs, then we sit with them, pray with them, talk about their current situation, share with them the gospel as we are able, and point them to our partners over at Love INC.  At Love INC, they sit down with them on the phone and interview them to get a comprehensive understanding of their current situation, and the factors that led up to it.  The screening includes a visit to the persons house to verify the needs.  Love INC then makes recommendations for resources in the city, as well as in local churches in their area.  Check out this video to see more.

The idea is then that local churches will mobilize and specialize in certain areas of meeting peoples’ needs.  One Community Group (CG) here at DSC is currently getting organized to collect baby clothes so that if Love INC comes across those needs, they can refer them to DSC, and that CG can then go to their house and meet the need. Other ways we are considering working with Love INC is through providing Bibles, bus passes, financial counseling, and possible other services that show folks we love them and want them to thrive in life and know Jesus.

Here’s what Love INC’s vision looks like graphically:

If you want a way to learn more about Love INC in person, here is an opportunity they call their “Back to Serve” event.

Albuquerque Love INC Executive Director Sara Money says:

Would you like to change a life in as little as 3 hours a week….volunteer at Love INC!
Love INC operates a clearinghouse, warehouse, and thrift store to help the less fortunate in our community.
Visit us on Friday August 17th anytime from 9am – 3 pm OR Saturday 10 am – noon to learn more about this exciting ministry and how you might be able to help out.
Visit on Saturday August 18th for a large parking lot sale from 8 am – 2 pm to shop.


Ultimately, like DSC, Love INC exists to spread God’s glory broader and deeper by making followers of Jesus Christ.  So even as we partner with them to meet folks needs, we are joining the mission of Paul the Apostle as he states it in Romans 15:18-19 when he seeks to bring people to faith “by word and deed, by the power of signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God.”

To learn more about Love INC, visit their website.  And to volunteer, email Josh, our in-house (DSC) liaison to Love INC.

And for a good laugh, check out this music video by a 1990’s Eurodance Artist called Love Inc (no relation/affilliation).  And remember: “You’re a Superstar