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August 2012 Barrera Bulletin

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Our partnership as a church with Carol and Rodrigo Barrera, and with the Rabinal Achi is anything but short term.  We are grateful for this partnership.  Please join us as we celebrate God and what He has done through both ministry progress and potentially frustrating circumstances over the past month.  Please consider supporting the Barreras, especially if you have met them and served the Achi along side them in past years.  You can donate directly to Wycliffe and designate it to Rodrigo Barrera.

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua - 2009

Carol writes:

Barrera Bulletin

August, 2012

Translation Checking Workshop

August 3rd we finished the first translation checking workshop with AECM. This workshop had the most people attending (around 50), because in addition to the Mayan translation teams, each language had two speakers who had not worked on the translation. The consultants were able to ask them comprehension questions.

We split into three groups. The Achí team was with the Kiche’ team. This worked out well, because the two languages are quite related, so there was a cross fertilization of ideas.

Achí and Kiche’ Group

Involved for the first time in an activity like this was Pastor Cirilo (far right above). He participated eagerly, taking notes of things he was learning, which he intends to share with his congregations. He told me that the people in his church recently listened to the entire video of the book of Acts in Achí, combining that with a Bible study of the book .

Many key terms were discussed, including the word for God, the name of God, and titles of God, covenant, love (as loyalty, not just an emotion), hate (as disloyalty or lack of a covenant relationship), to bless, to curse (doesn’t mean to use bad language.)

When we came to the chapter about the rainbow sign of God’s covenant, it was interesting to find out that many cultures (including the Achí) have taboos about rainbows, perceiving them as dangerous.

Jakalteko group with consultants

Two Guatemalan pastors gave daily devotionals, encouraging us with their insights and interest in Bible translation.

After our return to San Miguel, Abdiel Lopez with Faith Comes by Hearing, came to our house to hold an orientation for some young men we are hoping will help with the distribution and use of the written and audio Achí New Testament.

Be assured that Rodrigo and I greatly value your partnering with us and the Achí people in making God’s Word available to this ethnic group.

Rodrigo and Carol Barrera Apartado 54 Periférico 01011 Guatemala City, GUATEMALA

Wycliffe Bible Translators P.O. Box 628200 Orlando, FL 32862-8200

P.S. The above gives you a run down on the workshop, but here are a few homely details. While the time with the translation teams was profitable and enjoyable, at a personal level, the time in the capital was challenging for us.

Our car had to be “hospitalized” twice, leaving us with the necessity of getting across town several times a day by taxi. We were involved in a car accident that shook us up emotionally for several days.

Both Rodrigo and I experienced bouts of diarrhea and a lingering, bad cough.

The electricity was off for over 24 hours in the apartment where we were staying.

In spite of Rodrigo’s efforts to move along the process of replacing his stolen documents, to date we have only been able to get our credit card. He is still in the process of getting our debit card (sent but didn’t arrive), his driver’s license and his ID card that gives proof of his status as a resident here.

At one of our low moments, a neighbor sensed our frustration and put his arms around us, and prayed for us. That happened on my birthday. Both Rodrigo and I had forgotten that it was my birthday, since we were so overwhelmed with everything else. When we got to the workshop that day, I was surprised by the group with a yummy cake and “abrazos” (hugs).

Another blessing was reconnecting with two couples, good friends from the past. One of those couples gave a music concert that brought tears of joy as we felt lifted up into the heavenlies.