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Nov 19

Sharing Jesus with Friends and Family During the Holidays

2012 | by Clint | Category: Local,Mission Opportunity,Prayer

Back in 2011, Trent blogged about a great resource called Bringing the Gospel Home: Witnessing to Family Members, Close Friends, and Others

Who Know You Well, written by Randy Newman.  Just this past Sunday I saw a copy of it in the DSC Resource and simply seeing the title again challenged me to be thoughtful and prayerful as the holidays approach.  Here’s a review of the book over at The Gospel Coalition.

Who in your family that you will see again this month and next need to meet Jesus?  How will you go about praying for them, understanding them, serving them, and looking for opportunities to speak the truth in love to them?

In the blog post form last year, there is also a very helpful video that I’d encourage you to watch again or for the first time.  In it, Randy encourages a patient, loving, and thoughtful approach to discussing spiritual issues with family members and close friends.

As you think about Thanksgiving and Christmas (and really the rest of the year too), and as you think about interacting with family and close friends a fresh, please continue to pray that God will use you.

Here are some more resources from Randy Newman as well, including excerpts from the book.

Here are some ways you can be praying:(taken from Heart of Evangelism by Jerram Barrs)

Asking God…

  • to work in the hearts and minds of people we know to draw them to Himself – John 6:44
  • for open doors in our relationships to talk about the Gospel – Colossians 4:3
  • for courage/boldness to walk through doors by speaking boldly and clearly – Ephesians 6:19-20

And for more encouragement and teaching in this area, please refer to our past seminars with Jerram Barrs.  They contain several encouraging stories of patient, winsome relationships and proclamation that have led to conversion and discipleship.

May God use His family to reach their families for Christ.



Nov 16

ISI Dinner Update – More Students is a Good Problem!

This just in from our ISI Dinner coordinators, Adam and Charis Church:

Hi everyone,

We have run into an AWESOME problem!  We have more students that want to come!  But because of this we have some urgent needs that need to be solved!  The areas were we need help are:

  • 7 people who can pick up and drop off students (Please be sure us know the number you can take)
  • 1 Turkey, already deboned to the church between 5 and 5:30pm
  • 2 Mashed Potatoes (warm) to the church between 5 and 5:30

Would you please considering filling this need and responding to me ASAP?

We are excited for what the Lord has in store for these students both on Sunday and how he plans to use you all to share the love of Jesus with these students in the upcoming months and years to come!

God is good and I’m excited to see how he’s going to use you all to provide for these needs!

Thankful to serve along side you all,

Charis + Adam Church

If you see Adam or Charis at church this Sunday (and you can slow them down), be sure to give them a hug or high five for all their hard work in blessing the nations and mobilizing the body to serve in Christ’s name.

Nov 15

Hurricane Sandy Relief – Sending $1340 from our body

2012 | by Clint | Category: Disaster Relief

As we posted a couple of weeks ago, our hope is to support ministries on the ground near the site of Hurricane Sandy’s impact.  Our initial hope was to send the funds to local churches that we are familiar with in the area, but they have said that the better investment at this point would be the following organizations.  Therefore, we will split the $1340 that has come in so far between the two, and we will eagerly pass on any more that comes in from the DSC body as well.  You can give online here.

The first organization is The Bowery Mission.  God seems to really be using this Mission to impact peoples lives in tremendous ways.  Folks that are homeless, addicted to drugs, and down and out find shelter, food, job training, and most importantly the Gospel through The Bowery.

Their website has the following under Purpose and Goal of the Browery Mission:

“The Bowery Mission and Kids With A Promise is called to minister in New York City to men, women, and children caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds, and to see their lives transformed to hope, joy, lasting productivity and eternal life through the power of Jesus Christ.”

As for their response to Hurrican Sandy, this is from their site:

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, The Bowery Mission is providing safe shelter and food to more homeless and displaced New Yorkers, effectively tripling its normal capacity. The supply of food and pantry items is drastically decreasing at a time when it is needed most.”


The other organization we will send funds to is Hope for New York.

On their Hurricane Sandy Relief page, it says:

Hope for New York is working with our non-profit affiliates, our church partners, New York City churches and pastors, local government officials, and national relief organizations to channel volunteers and resources to those who need it the most in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Besides giving, we can also be praying for these organizations.  Hope for New York asks for the following prayer:

  • For the safety of those without basic needs (shelter, water, power) in the wake of the storm.
  • For our affiliates, many of whom have been working around the clock to provide emergency care and shelter.
  • For our city officials as they work to help our infrastructure and systems recover from the storm.
  • For the Church, that we will respond with mercy, compassion, and hospitality.
  • Pray that we would not look to our own interests, but to the interests of others, and that God would be glorified as we seek to serve our neighbors in need.May God get glory as His people reach out in His Name to love the lost and hurting during this season.