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Apr 29

Mother’s Day Tea for SNAP! Reminder…

Don’t forget to sign up to attend and help at the Mother’s Day Tea, May 11th from 11AM-1PM.

May 5th is the deadline to register.

All proceeds of the event go to support our Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP).

Mrs. G (mother and wife of the first SNAP couple) to speak at the event.

mother's day tea spring for snap 2013

Apr 25

Health Update, Old Testament, Furlough, and DSC Teams Coming: Barrera Bulletin April 2013

Every month, our dear friends and partners in Guatemala, Carol and Rodrigo Barrera, publish a news bulletin to update their supporters (that’s you), with how we can pray for and celebrate the work God is doing in and through them for the Rabinal Achi.  Notice they are already working on plans for our teams coming (#4) and their furlough coming up (#5).  Part of making their furlough a blessing to them is DSC sending a team to work on their property in Cheyenne, Wyoming in late May, early June.  Can you help?  If so, or if you have questions, email David, our team lead on this mission.

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua - 2009

Our beloved Carol y Rodrigo Barrera en Antigua – 2009

Here is the April, 2013 edition

Headline News:

1) Health: Carol still dealing with spinal nerve injury pain

2) Old Testament checking workshop in the capital is in process these last two weeks of April, but without me.

3) Relating to Achí churches, pastors and the students in the classes at our home continues to be a blessing to us, and I trust to them.

4) The month of May means pastors conference at the mountain retreat center in the mountains, followed by dental and medical teams from Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

5) Change coming up in June: Mid-June through November or early December will find us away from Guatemala, although still plugged in to the Achí work long-distance.

More in-depth reports:

1) Health: (Carol) It has now been about seven weeks since the onset of pain and burning resulting from a pinched nerve in the lumbar region of my spine.  Nerve and pain medicines, restricted activity and certain exercises done very carefully, have helped, but not solved the problem.  Generally, I do fairly well in the mornings, but pain worsens in the afternoons and evening.  I have had a few days without much pain, only to have the pain come back with a vengeance. I suspect that when I start to feel better, I may overdo. Also, circumstances beyond my control led to my having to go up and down a lot of stairs and walk long distances during our last trip to the capital for dental and medical appointments. (Sitting in an uncomfortable position for 2 1/2 hours of dental work didn’t help my back, either.) My doctor has ordered an MRI, but we are debating whether to have that done here in Guatemala or in the US (see #5). One benefit of not attending the workshop is that I am able to keep up my daily water exercises, which is very pleasant in this hot weather (upper 80’s, lower 90’s). This water exercise is about the only exercise I can do that doesn’t trigger spasms.  However, I do continue to attempt to do the specific exercises recommended by my friendly physical therapist–but follow the caution to desist the moment pain starts.

2) AECM Old Testament projects: At the last minute, my neurologist and I concurred that it was not in my best interests to attend the two-week AECM workshop.  I am very disappointed at having to miss that.  However, because of my health issues since the last workshop in February, I was not able to do the preparation for the workshop that I wanted to do.  I have made myself available to the Achí translators and the international consultant who is working with them, to research and answer any questions they have.  Sometimes that consultant writes to me to have me elaborate about the meaning of terms in Achí or to check if the Spanish translation of a certain verse accurately reflects the Achí.  Since the consultant doesn’t know a Mayan language, he has to depend on the Spanish translation an Achí speaker makes of the Achí translation.  Please do pray for the seven teams checking Exodus and Leviticus through the rest of this month.

3) We enjoyed our visit to a church over the mountain in San Gabriel this month.  The church was packed with several hundred people, listening attentively as the pastor preached, parts in Spanish and parts in Achí.  He prayed for us twice, and invited us to speak before the communion service started.  Afterwards, we were greeted with the Achí gentle touch on the shoulder or arm by many people.  As we were leaving, the pastor called us back to give us a bunch of bananas.  We appreciate very much your prayers for us, but are also humbled that many Achí people regularly pray for us and tell us that we are a blessing to them.  Hardly a day goes by that we don’t have people calling or showing up at the door wanting to talk, attend classes, receive counsel or be prayed with over specific issues.

4) The month of May means pastors conference at the mountain retreat center in the mountains, followed by dental and medical teams–both the conference and teams being outreaches by Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This church has had a wonderful relationship with the Achí people now for years: in friendships developed, in help with cottage industries and water projects, and in help to meet some medical, dental, educational and spiritual needs.  In addition, they pamper us in many ways!  We are privileged to be facilitators for them, communicating with them throughout the year and helping do some of the prep work for the teams that come, along with Kathi Archer, a missionary in San Miguel, and Hector and Eder, Achí youth leaders who spearhead several different ministries in the area. ”Please pray for protection for all involved in this year’s pastors conference and medical clinics, and that these outreaches will bear fruit that remains.

5) Change coming up in June: Mid June through November or early December will find us away from Guatemala.  With the exception of a few short trips of one to three weeks for medical needs, to visit family or to attend work conferences, we have been full-time in Guatemala for the last eleven and a half years, following our return to Guatemala in September of 2001, after a year and a half of medical leave, involving seven abdominal operations.  I (Carol) have felt for the past two years the need to spend a stretch of more than a week or two at a time relating to family and churches in the US. Other goals include getting some Sabbath rest and having some follow-up on medical issues.  Our of the magnets is our family in Cheyenne–son Arlan, daughter-in-law Jaimie, and  their two children, our grandchildren.  We have seen James, age three, only twice for a week or two.  We have NEVER seen Anita, who turned one last November.  This will be the first time since June of 1994 that we will be living in the same city as our son, who left home at age 16 to spend his last two years of high school living with my parents.  After that  he never lived with us again.  Not being a person who enjoys writing, we keep in touch with him through weekly phone calls, but I am really looking forward to living close to him and his family for a few months.

We plan to be based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the house inherited from my grandparents and parents. This is the house that we mentioned a while back as being in such poor condition.  There is the possibility of a work team coming from Albuquerque the first week of June to help get the house ready for us. Once settled, I will continue in a consultant role with the AECM Old Testament project, specifically reading and commenting on the books being translated, via Internet programs set up for that. Rodrigo will also keep tabs on some Scripture Use and charity projects in the Achí area, which we help supervise and support.

In October, we hope to visit the church in Albuquerque and our church in San Bernardino, CA.  Then we hope in November to spend at least a couple of weeks with our daughter Sharleen, son-in-law Greg and their daughters Emilie and Annika.  By then, our granddaughters will have just turned 11 and 8, respectively.  This will involve a trip to the other side of the world, near the Persian Gulf.

Following that trip, the plan is for us to return to Guatemala, for what will probably be our last term of service here.  As far as comfort zone, it would be much easier for us to just stay in our home here of almost 38 years. We have so many friends and such opportunities of service through all the relationships we have developed here over the years.  We haven’t felt God saying, “Your time here is completed.”  We don`’t want to leave before God wants us to; neither do we want to stay beyond the time he has allotted.  Rodrigo particularly, would rather not go to the US this year (or ever for any length of time).  He is hoping to get in a two-week trip to Mexico City and Laredo this month to visit his church and family. This is the trip that got cancelled because of my health crisis.  His siblings and his mother are urging him to come, especially because of his mother’s health.

We appreciate your prayers that God will lead us step by step in these coming months, and for your continuing support.  While away from Guatemala for five to six months, and upon our return, our income will continue, as it does now, to consist completely of the donations from churches and individuals, processed through the office in Orlando. There will be special needs for travel and for getting our house in Cheyenne repaired and equipped with basic furniture and some appliances.  While in the US we also need to buy new computers and the programs that go with them, in order to communicate with you, do business and continue with our ministries in Guatemala.

Address for financial support:

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Rodrigo and Carol Barrera PO Box 6286200

Apdo. 54 Periferico Orlando, FL 32862-8200

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Apr 23

Western Indian Ministries’ (WIM) 75th Anniversary! Volunteers Needed…

Looking for a great family or community group summer mission project?


Western Indian Ministries (WIM) is currently planning their 75th Anniversary celebration for July 25-28.  And they need a lot of volunteer help to pull it off in a way that honors God for His work over the years.  To learn more about this history, visit the WIM Timeline page.

Chuck and Cindy Harper, our missionaries in residence to Native America say:

“Our goal is to give glory to God for drawing people to Himself in Native America, by honoring the past, celebrating the present with the community of believers, and praying for great things in the future.”

There is something for just about anyone who wants to volunteer:

  • Airport pick up of Program Guests on July 25, 26 and return July 27, 28 (can be done by 2 or 3 drivers)
  • Shuttling people back and forth from WIM to the Navajo fairgrounds daily during celebration
  • Set up and Take down of tables and chairs
  • Clean up of facilities during and after
  • Babysitting infants during main sessions
  • Feeding volunteers during set up and take down
  • Feeding volunteers from DSC
  • Coordinate volunteers from DSC
  • Getting donations of concessions, paper products, etc, to be sold
  • Selling concessions, T-shirts, logo products for WIM
  • Ministering to children during sessions with crafts, Bible stories, puppets, etc.
  • Security and Safety teams to patrol fairgrounds and assess injuries, manage emergencies
  • Welcome team to help decorate and show visitors where to go
  • Parking attendants during general sessions
  • Printing T-shirts
  • Addressing and mailing flyers to Native churches and friends of WIM, between now and the celebration
  • Send invitations to exhibitors, accept RSVP’s and prepare exhibit area with tables, pipe and drape, etc.

If you would like to be involved, email or call 250-5696.