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May 3

Good Deals on Drugs… For Missions.

Guat may 2013

Thanks to two very helpful organizations, for the past few years we have been able to purchase medications for our Medical Missions to Rabinal Achi country for very economical prices. The two organizations we work with are Crosslink and MAP International.

Click the logos below to find out more:

MAP InternationalCrosslink






Your donations to “Guatemala May Medical” online or through a missions envelop on Sunday will go to purchase these medications and supplies for the mission.  May God get the glory for this mission!

Here is just a sample of the prices we are able to get (compared to retail).

  • Ibuprofen – $22 per 500 pills ($200 retail)
  • Prilosec –  $11 per 100 pills ($45 retail)
  • Tums – $1.80 for 150 ($8 retail)
  • Amoxicillin – $2.80 per bottle ($12 retail)
  • Lotrimin cream – 2.12 per tube ($10 retail)
  • Vitamins – $4.86 per 250 ($15 retail)
  • Zantac – $10 for 500 pills ($800 retail)
  • Hydrocortisone – $0.75 per tube ($10 retail)
  • Liquid Tylenol – 4 oz for $1 ($8 retail)
  • Azithromycin (Z pack) = $3 per  ($120 retail)

We also order supplies from them.  Some of them we get for free, and the rest we get for a good deal.

If you are looking to invest in future Achi nurses and other health workers, your finances can go to help us buy Blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes ($30 each).  We will leave these with our partners in the field so they can gift it to future Achi nurses.

And finally, there are some medications we will need to purchase in Guatemala on our way to Achi-landia!

These include medication for scabies, lice, and intestinal parasites.

Please pray and support these efforts financially as you are able.  The team leaves May 24th and returns June 2nd, and could end up seeing over 400 medical and dental patients in a matter of five days.  And all of this toward the purpose of helping the local church proclaim the gospel in word and affirm it in deed.

You can give online here or by check at the church on Sundays.  Be sure to designate your gift to “May 2013 Mission” online or via a missions envelope.