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May 11

Coming to a Community Group Near You: SNAP Church Planters

As our first Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP) family continues to make their rounds to one Community Group after another, sharing their hearts for North Africa, and answering questions about DSC’s mission through them.  They are about half way through all the CGs at DSC, as part of our Countdown to Sunrise, 2014.  And one member of the latest CG visit describes the impact of having them visit like this:

“Having the first SNAP couple at our CG this week rekindled my awareness to the realities of and seriousness of sending them. Our church is 100% responsible for them. We are not merely a small piece of the economic formula that if we fall out it won’t matter too much.  I have seen missionaries sent out poorly and DSC is not going to let that happen.  The involvement of so many on many different levels and to varying degrees is astounding.  I pray that our missionaries continue to be cared for long after the excitement of lift off has dwindled.  I am honored to be part of this body.”  – Michelle L.

Maybe your Community Group will be next.

This rotation is also a part of our 2013 SPRING for SNAP.SPRING for SNAP 2013 image