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May 15

May 2013 OR4 Ministry Update

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In 2004, on one of the first DSC Missions survey trips to Rabinal Achi country in central Guatemala, among many treasured partners, we discovered two dear friends, Hector Hernandez, and Eder Iscopal.

For their previous ministry update, click here, and here.  For their most recent, see below.

Hector writes:

Hector y Eder

Eder and Hector

My commitment and passion for God’s ministry are the fuel that maintains me active according to the call of God and my purpose in life, to make disciple for Christ.  I keep working on mobilizing youth for short term mission and also teaching about how to work with them in the churches together with Operation R4 (OR4).  As the Father sends me, I also send you. (John 20:21)

OR4 AND THE CHURCHES – OR4 always at constant activities with youth groups of churches from our region:

PLAN MICHA –  This is a program that I’m working on with the youth of Bethel Church in Salama. At the church we have only eight active youth who are attending the meetings. The main purpose is to establish a ministry among them and teach them how to lead in a way that their ministry will grow and be affective.

CALL TO CONQUER –  That is the title or the Bible study that the youth of the Nazarene church in Salama started on the first week of March and OR4 did a special service emphasizing the theme which is based on Ephesus chapter six which talks about the elements of the Shield of God.  Recently we had an exhortation service for youth at the Nazarene Church of Las Minas and a youth camp with the youth of the Nazarene Church of Santa Catarina in San Jeronimo.  Soon an evangelistic project in Salama with the youth of different churches.

BREAKFAST WITH A PURPOSE –  This activity is organized by Eder and Rodolfo every Tuesday with around 20 youth to challenge them to establish a close and deep relationship with the Lord Jesus.

TRIP TO PANAMA  On march 12 I visited Daniel Rodriguez member of the United Assamble Church of San  Miguel  Chicaj,  he is at a discipleship training with Youth With a Mission in Panama. I was very happy to see him already adapted to the different culture since there are youth from different nationalities. He’s growing spiritually and also in his personal and ministry life. It’s great to see how Daniel’s faith in the Lord is growing and God’s faithfulness it’s manifested according to his faith. He was so happy for my visit. I got there in a very crucial moment; he needed to make some decisions for his life. We spend time reading God’s word and find answers to his questions. Soon he’ll be going to Ecuador for the practical part of his training.

EVANGELISM WITH THE NAZARENE CHURCH –  On March 24th I started on a series of evangelistic activities that I have planned with the Nazarene Church as the director of evangelism of Baja Verapaz district. This program will long the whole year. The main purpose is to motive, to inspire, to train and to mobilize the youth to do local evangelism. There are around 70 Nazarene churches in this district.


San Miguel Chicaj, Baja Verapaz  Guatemala C.A.