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May 25

Guatemala May 2013 Mission Update #3 – Summary of Pastors’ Retreat

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The 4th annual Desert Springs Church and Rabinal Achi Pastors’ Conference has wrapped up in the mountains of Central Guatemala.  Pastor Ron is headed back to Albuquerque, and Trent and Jose Luis have met up with the rest of the team in San Miguel to get more orientation to Achi land and people, as well as prepare for the medical, dental, and physical therapy service that begins Monday.

Here is Trent’s account:

Achi Pastors Conference, 2013

This weekend about 40 Achi pastors gathered for the 8th annual Achi Pastors Conference. Actually, were it not for a funeral attended by some who planned to join us, that number might have reached 60. With each year, the Pastors Conference grows, and largely by word of mouth. This is a testimony to the spread of the Word among these sweet people.

Between Friday and Saturday, Ron and I each delivered two one hour sessions on the subject of how to study the Bible, emphasizing in each talk a commitment to the authority of Scripture, the importance of context for interpretation, and the application of Scripture to all of life. Along the way we explored several genres of Scripture, and Francisco Bendfeldt, an Acts 29 pastor from Guatemala City, delivered an overview of the Bible.  After two days with these dear believers, I have noticed three things:

  • First, these pastors are prayerful. Wherever there was a window of opportunity there was prayer. Before any person came to speak, several would gather around them, each praying out loud. We shared several times of extended corporate prayer. It was earnest. It was sweet.
  • Second, these pastors are attentive. Friday began at 8 AM and ended around 9 PM. We listened to talks on how to read Scripture, testimonies from various ministry leaders doing work among the Achi, and we sang. During the sessions, they were fully engaged with the teacher, and during the breaks and meals, they were fully engaged with one another.
  • Third, these pastors are loud. I mentioned singing. Yes, there was much singing, and the singing was loud. For my part, I couldn’t participate except to hum the tune. The group sang in Spanish and they sang with energy and volume.

This evening I will meet up with DSC’s Medical/Dental/Physical Therapy Team. From this point on, Lord willing, various members of our team will submit brief reflections each day, throughout our work in the Achi villages.  Hopefully this will help you continue to particapate through prayer and praise God for His work in and through the DSC team, our partner missionaries, and the Achi believers throughout this week. 


The courtyard of the B&B.


Ron and Jose Luis of DSC have breakfast with buddies Rodrigo, Jacobo, and Ramiro before heading out to Achi land.


Hostal Villa Toscana, the Bed and Breakfast our teams stay at when they arrive in Guatemala City. After a comfortable sleep and a yummy breakfast, it’s off to Achi country


Ready for the pastors’ to arrive for this 8th annual DSC/Achi Pastors’ Conference.


This year’s conference theme was hermeneutics and Bible study.


40 Achi pastors plus missionaries and other Achi ministers were able to join us for this conference.


Wycliffe Bible translator Rodrigo “El Don” Barrera brings the 8th Annual DSC/Achi Pastors’ conference to order with introductions.


El Don Rodrigo praying for God to bless this conference and these Achi pastors.


Achi Pastors praying for Pastor Ron and translator Jose Luis before they teach together.


Images from La Posada Del Quetzal, the site of the DSC/Achi pastors conference for the past several years.


Jose Luis of DSC translating Pastor Ron’s teaching on the Old Testament.


Pastor Ron teaching and Jose Luis translating.


Achi Pastors and other ministers attentively taking notes.


40 Achi pastors and a dozen or so other Christian ministers were able to attend this years conference.


Carol “La Sabia” Barrera, Wycliffe translator with her husband Rodrigo “El Don” have spent 30 years translating the Achi New Testament and ministering to their friends and neighbors there.


Singing Achi and Spanish Hymns and Choruses together.


Pastor Francisco Bendfieldt of Casa Libertad Church in Guatemala City teaches at the Achi pastors’ conference.


The Rabinal Achi Partnership. Spreading God’s glory broader and deeper among the Achi through Bible translation, disciple-making, and community health evangelism.


An Achi Pastor’s seasoned Spanish Bible and notebook.


Dr. Jaime Jacobo Pineda at the Pastors’ conference


Sharing a meal at La Posada Del Quetzal in the central mountains of Guatemala with the Achi Pastors and ministry partners.


Some of the scenery at La Posada Del Quetzal.

May 25

Guatemala May 2013 Mission Update #2 – Day 2 of Pastors’ Retreat

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Photos are streaming in from our Achi brothers attending the pastors’ retreat.  You can keep up on Hector’s facebook page.

Here are some photos Hector posted today:



Pastor Ron Giese about to teach and Jose Luis Santana ready to translate at the Achi Pastors’ Retreat


Pastor Ron Giese, Elder Candidate Trent Hunter, and DSC member Jose Luis Santana sharing a meal with Achi Pastors and our other ministry partners.


Pastor Ron teaching and Jose Luis translating. Ron’s topic is understanding and preaching from the Old Testament.


El Don Rodrigo giving introductions at the May 2013 Pastors’ Retreat.

praying over trent ron and jose luis

Rodrigo Barrera (green shirt), Wycliffe translator of the New Testament into Rabinal Achi, leads several Achi pastors as they pray over DSC Pastor Ron Giese, Trent Hunter, and Jose Luis Santana.


trent teaching
Trent teaching on how to preach the New Testament in context.
Trent praying over
Trent praying for the pastors after teaching on how to preach in context of the New Testament.