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Archive for May 26, 2013

May 26

Guatemala May 2013 Mission Update #4 – A Call to Prayer

2013 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips

Our dear Friend and partner Carol Barrera put together this email to request prayer from all of their supporters as they partner with our team this week:

Carol writes:

This is a call for any who feel led to pray a general prayer for the next ten days regarding the team from Albuquerque, who come every year to Achilandia.  There was a Pastors Conference on this Friday and Saturday in the mountains, with international, national and local speakers.  We had good fellowship and a cross-fertilization of ideas.

Monday through Friday, we will be helping to translate for medical and dental teams that will be going to five different communities.

Pray for

1) good communication among those from different cultures with different mother tongues,

2) Safety on the mountain roads,

3) Good health for those ministering,

4) Divine help to discern how best to help people with physical and spiritual needs,

5) Fruit that lasts from these outreaches.

Now, for anyone who feels prompted to pray in more detail, here are prayer points.

Here is a summary of the mission schedule

Wednesday, May 22:  Rodrigo traveled to the capital to meet up with three of the conference speakers who fly to the capital from New Mexico.

Thursday, May 23:  Rodrigo brought the visitors from the capital to the retreat center in the mountains.   Several of us from San Miguel traveled from San Miguel to meet them for pre-conference talks and prayer.

Friday; May 24:  The medical and dental teams flew to the capital. The pastors traveled from the mountain retreat center to San Miguel.

Morning sessions:

1) Interpreting the Old Testament,

Carol taking notes at the Pastors' conference.

Carol taking notes at the Pastors’ conference.

2) Preaching in a way that challenges people to change by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Afternoon: second session on interpreting the Old Testament.

Evening: At the retreat center: reports on progress of Old Testament translation into Achí, and reports from Youth with a Mission and OR4 (youth ministry in the Achí area), report from Guatemalan couple getting ready to return to North Africa. Communion.

Saturday, May 25:  The medical and dental teams drive to San Miguel. Morning: 1) Interpreting the New Testament, 2) Time of sharing,  Afternoon: 1) Pastors and others return to their homes, 2) Rodrigo drives one conference speaker to the capital.  Evening: New Mexico teams have supper with the director of a Christian school in San Miguel.

Sunday, May 26: Church service in a rural Achí church (drive, cross swinging bridge, walk . . . ) Visit to home of blind girl who is receiving a scholarship to study with a blind teacher. Visit to an extended family group who is seeking help to solve their water problems. Organizing medical supplies. Vist to Barreras’ home Prayer walk.

Monday, May 27: Physical therapy visits in San Miguel. Rest of team to Las Minas.  (First time to visit this community. Steep road.)  Tuesday, May 28: Physical therapy visits in San Miguel. Rest of team to Tempisque.

Wednesday, May 29: Physical therapy visits in San Miguel. Rest of team to Los Encuentros.

Thursday, May 30: All of us to Tactic, and in the afternoon to Chicholom. (remote village)

Friday, May 31: Clinics in Chicholom.  Saturday, June 1st: To Antigua

Sunday, June 2nd: New Mexico teams return home.

Monday: Possibly MRI for Carol in the capital and visit to neurologist.

Rest of week Rodrigo and I will be doing the last minute things to close up our house, turn over distribution of funds for scholarship and medical aid to Eder.  Goodbyes.

Thursday, June 13th. Rodrigo and I fly to Denver, and then travel the 100 miles by road to Cheyenne to start our six months in the USA.

I hope to send out one bulletin before we leave, to report on the above activities.

Thanks! ¡Gracias! ¡Maltiox!