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Sep 3

Ministry Update from Dr. Jaime Jacobo and Janette Pineada in Guatemala

Our dear friends and partners through Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Ministry to the Rabinal Achi, Dr. Jaime Jacobo and his wife Janette Pineda send this letter of ministry update.  Please keep them and the Achi in your prayers as we ask God to spread His glory broader and deeper in Achi land!  (click on the links for more context…)

August 2,013

Dear friends & brothers,

Los Encuentros Silvia weaving (20)

An Achi woman weaves to help support her family. We are working hard to help them find markets in New Mexico to sell their goods for a fair price.

Greetings from Guatemala, it is very exciting for us to share news about our ministry with all of you.  We keep working with the women committee for micro-enterprise in the village of “Los Encuentros”, with whom we received a monetary loan thanks to Desert Springs Church. Besides Desert Springs helping us to locate a market to sell the handicrafts, they have placed items in stores in New Mexico. This has enormously helped the economic situation of the women involved.

We are also about to start a project to enlarge the water flow in the community of San Francisco, which supplies four other communities. Hence any improvements will benefit many families. San Francisco has water committees which have received the CHE training and are ready to work with the CHE program.


An Achi girl receiving dental help through DSC ministries back in May 2013.

We keep visiting Chicholom, a remote but beautiful community that has a lot of need. We have been having medical outreaches with them for a while with Dr. Brent and dental outreaches with our brothers from Amigo Foundation and Dr. Paul and Dr. Michaelfrom DSC. They did a wonderful job during their last mission trip in May with the dental screening of 48 children from this community. We have long dreamed of seeing these indigenous kids without cavities, a dream that is starting to become a reality little by little.

I visited Panama again in July with the missionary group from Black Rock Church in Connecticut. It was a very special time because we didn’t just focus on the medical outreach to the ‘Teribes’, an indigenous group who live in the jungle along the border with Costa Rica, but also had the chance of sharing the CHE vision with the YWAM staff. Especially with a lady named Nelta, from Barbados who is very interested in learning the program.

Each Wednesday we continue going to REMAR to do clinic hours with the at risk orphanage children.

Jacobo Family

Jaco, Jannette, Jacobo, y Majo

Regarding our family, Maria Jose has a new job close to where we live and is studying for her final exam and thesis so she is able to get her post graduate degree in teaching.  Jaco and Sandy live and work in Antigua. Jaco is working in public health where he is in charge of five community centers which provide health care for about 15,000 people in communities around Antigua. He is in charge of giving consults as well as supervising the nurses, educators, and community facilitators in each of the five communities. Sandy is teaching English at a private school during the day and is continuing to teach the pilot project to adults in the evenings.

Please keep praying for us. Especially for the Lord to multiply and abound my time between my private practice with surgeries, attending patients in the clinic and my calling to mercy ministries around the country with so many needs to take care of, which is what we are so passionate about.

For His Kingdom, in the love of Jesus Christ,

Jacobo and Jannette

It is well known among DSC folks that have gone to Achi land that Dr. and Janette’s heart is to live full time and minister full time among the Rabinal Achi.  The more monthly support they get, the closer they get to moving to Achi land to minister along side and for the Rabinal Achi.

If you would like to give directly to this worthy cause:

Please make checks payable to:

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Note in the memo line “Jacobo and  Jannette Pineda in Guatemala.”

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May God continue to bless them as a family and the Rabinal Achi through them.