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Sep 12

A Letter from the Rabinal Achi Baptist School

2013 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Giving Opportunity,Global,Rabinal Achi

The letter below is addressed to “the New Mexico Church” (meaning Desert Springs Church).  It is written by Rene, an Achi man who rescued a small Baptist school for young Achi children.  As a church, we were able to rally behind Rene’s efforts to save the school after funding and materials were taken away unexpectedly.  And our May 2013 Mission team was able to visit the school and share a meal with Rene and his wife Esmeralda.  You can click the links to see some images behind the words…

Rene writes:

Brothers of the New Mexico Church, without knowing us, you heard our prayer through  the Barrera family whom we appreciate so much and they us.  Today, we say thank you very much for your prayers and your gifts towards the Mixed Private Baptist School.

With your offering we invested to buy 100 desks for students, nine computers and 9 tables for computers, and 8 chalk boards. Your offering was fully invested for the needs of the School.  This for us was a great blessing from God and His church.

We are happy because the spiritual and secular education still grows in the hearts of children. We thought we were not going to be able to continue this education but with your offerings we could continue. There are testimonies of parents who say they are grateful to the School as it provides a Christian education and that makes them firm towards their children in the decisions they make in life, and that the principles and Christian values ​​impact on their lives.

In spite of the difficulties that we had last year, we made the effort to expand the services of the School to work with youth and at the basic (elementary and mid) and high school levels, students between the ages of 12-17 years old. With them, the Christian education is costly because many are not Christians and have struggled to accept, when we talk about, the greatness of God, the Creation, and the Ten Commandments; among others.

One day it was a youth’s turn to read a passage from the Bible. What was his reaction at the time we gave him the Bible? He wouldn’t take it.  He fled and left the Bible abandoned on his desk.  He said it scared him and he didn’t want to take it, much less read it.  He asked that they remove the Bible from his desk.  Some of them don’t walk a good path.  They have some abnormal habits.  But our goal is for these youth to understand that there is only one God who is Lord of our lives.  That he created us in his image and appearance.  With them we have more work.

We would like to tell you that some parents take their children to school  because they believe it is the last option for their children for discipline and behavior they show their parents and they believe that the school can change their attitude.

Once again, thank you very much for your offering.  May God pour blessings on your  lives.  I ask that you continue to pray for us and for each child and youth and young girl of the School, principally for the older ones (youth boy and girls) because a great work is needed in them and this is our objective, to support the youth of San Miguel Chicaj so   that God can change them and that they have a different mindset.

We also would like to ask for your prayers that the student population of the School may  grow in the coming year so that the School can sustain itself, so that, we recognize, that the teachers may increase their monthly income.  We want a stable working condition on their behalf because when they hear that some other place is paying more, they   leave the School.

For example, in May we had to let go two teachers and this affects us toward the education of the children.  This worries us more than any other need.  That is how to administer our School.  For example like a copier to copy training materials of the teachers.  Like a pointer to help teach in our computer lab and for conferences, sound equipment, and other things.

Help us with your prayers for these needs.

We believe that what we are doing is a children’s ministry and we have now started with the youth meeting their different needs.

Receive a greeting on behalf of my wife and myself, my daughters, Esli and Sibia.

May God bless you.

Esmeralda and Rene.

Indeed, may God continue to bless their efforts to make disciples alongside the Achi churches.  If you are compelled to give more toward this ministry, anything given online and designated toward “Guatemala Projects” and “Baptist School” will go directly to help them further this ministry.