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Oct 16

Sola Aqua Corporate Tap Water Only Drink Fast – October 20th-30th

2013 | by Clint | Category: Giving Opportunity,Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi

Only water for Living Water…
Each year we take a week and a half or so and try to fast corporately for the spiritual health of the peoples of the world.  We focus our attention on the lack of Spiritual Living Water among the nations, and ask God to send forth His Word through His workers.

To help remind us of this, we fast from all drinks except tap water.  When our bodies urge for sugar or caffeine we cry out to God for His Word to go forward.

Whatever we save from not buying sodas or coffee we offer up as a gift toward clean water projects among the Rabinal Achi.  Please bring any funds saved on the 30th do Lord’s Supper service, or you can give it online at  Just make sure to designate it to Guatemala projects.


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