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Oct 18

Wood Cutting Trip to Navajo Nation – November 2nd

2013 | by Clint | Category: Global,Native American,Trips


Join us on Saturday, November 2nd, for a one day mission trip to Cedar Hill Church near Ojo Encino New Mexico.

During this trip, we will cut and load fallen timber and deliver this firewood to members of the Navajo community in partnership with Church at Cedar Hill (one of our Christmas Store partners!).

We will all meet in the DSC parking lot between 6:30 and 7:00 am, with a planned departure at 7:00 am.  It takes approximately 2.5 hours to drive to the Church; then, another 30 minutes to an hour to drive to the cutting area.

Plan to take a lunch with you, preferably one you can share with others.  Water and soft drinks will be provided.  We will work cutting and loading until sundown and deliver wood until we are finished.  Hopefully everyone will be safely back home by 10:00 pm at the latest.  Directions will be made available to you via email and handout upon your arrival at DSC.     Please contact Paul Mathis (see below for info) if you’d like to go or donate items for the trip.

If you can’t come, maybe you can help with some of the equipment, and gas and oil needed for the trip.  Here is a list of required equipment:

  1. Chainsaws
  2. Axes
  3. Sledges and wedges
  4. Splitters
  5. Pry bars, shovels, hoes, and spades.
  6. Gas cans with gas
  7. 2 stroke oil
  8. Extra chains for the saws and/or sharpening tools
  9. Tool sets such as pliers, vice grips, screwdrivers, box end wrenches, etc.
  10. Trailers (preferably flat bed with short sides, dump trailers, etc.)
  11. Headlamps to be used during deliveries.
  12. Gloves
  13. Boots
  14. Ear plugs

We could also use some coolers, buckets, paper goods, and good ol’ cash if that’s all you have.

Paul Mathis is the lead for this trip.  He will be out in the foyer before, between and after services to answer any of your questions.  He can also be reached during business hours at (505) 845-6711 or during the evenings and weekends at (505) 792-0403 or (505) 239-9392.  His personal email is

This is a trip for the whole family and everyone is encouraged to attend.  It doesn’t get much better than to have Christian fellowship during Christian service in the beautiful New Mexico outdoors.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to operate chainsaws!