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Nov 20

Christmas Store 2013 – Buy Gifts, Make Friends… Disciples

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The Christmas Store has become “normal” around here for the past 5 years.  Buying gifts, seeking to make friends, and seeking to make disciples. Click the image below to watch one of this year’s promotional videos.

Christmas store 2013 Talia promotion video image


The Rez churches and the local ministries (Juntos & ECM) here in ABQ will be on the front line of friend and disciple making through the ministry of their stores. And since this will be our third year doing a store at DSC, we want to grow in our commitment to making friends and sharing the love of Jesus first hand with those that walk in our doors.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Take handfuls of tags and buy gifts.   You can bring them back unwrapped since the gifts are wrapped at the store after a parent picks them out. All gifts are due DECEMBER 8TH TO DSC!
  2. Serve at a store by emailing or signing up on a clipboard on Sunday morning in the foyer.

Here is a list of store locations, dates, times:

Good News Church near Houk, AZ.

  • December 14th, 6AM to 7PM need 10 more volunteers (one CG already committed)


Cedar Hill Church near Counselor, NM.

  • December 14th, 6AM to 7PM need 10 more volunteers (one CG already committed)


East Central Ministries (ECM) store here in Albuquerque.

  • Dec 14,15, or 16, 3:30PM to 5:30PM Need 10 volunteers for each evening


Juntos (ministry of Navitagors) store here in Albuquerque.

  • Dec 18, 5:30PM to 8:30Pm


DSC Christmas store,

  • Dec 18.  8AM to noon shift and 11:30AM to 3:30PM shift
  • Need 10 Hosts per shift to walk folks through the store, make friends, pray with them, and invite them to Christmas Eve service.
  • Need 10 general volunteers for helping with things like children’s crafts, greeting, and gift wrapping
  • Need another 15-20 folks willing to help with Follow up after the store.  These folks will call up store attendees asking if they can pray for them and if they would like to come to the Christmas Eve service.


Nov 18

Missions Emphasis Week 2013 Report – Over $18,000 Raised for Global Missions

On Sunday, October 27, DSC member Matt Ellison preached from 3 John and Philippians. He encouraged us as a church to continue in our efforts to send out workers, missionaries, and church planters in a manner worthy of God. Several folks after the service said they felt like it hit a nerve, in a good way.

MEW 2013 logo cut


This was the kickoff of Global Missions Emphasis Week 2013. The week included our first ever church-wide Silent Auction for Missions. Over 100 items were donated by DSC members toward this effort to raise funds for our North Africa church planting mission (SNAP). What a wonderful way for folks to contribute to the mission of making disciples of all nations!  The auction was open from 8:00 AM on Sunday, October 27 until Wednesday evening just before the Lord’s Supper service. After all was said and done, $16,007.00 was raised to send out the first SNAP family to North Africa! This will take a large chunk out of the launch funds needed to get this family uprooted from Albuquerque and on their way to language school in France and then down into North Africa for disciple-making and church-planting.

The other highlight of Global Missions Emphasis 2013 was the second annual Dinner with Missionaries. “Mrs. G” the wife and mother of the first SNAP family, was joined by Carol Barrera, Wycliffe Bible Translator among the Rabinal Achi, and Cindy Harper, DSC member and disciple maker with Western Indian Ministries (WIM). These three women shared from their experiences ranging from three years on the mission field to four decades. It was a sweet time of fellowship for 80 DSC members who enjoyed a Pacific Rim menu of flank steak, grilled peppers, grilled pineapple, and guava cake. They heard from the hearts of these missionary women, and ended the night with a time of prayer for each of them. For twenty five dollars per plate, the night yielded just under $1,000.00 to bless the three missionary families.

Finally, Sola Aqua, our corporate fast from drinks other than tap, yielded just over $1000 toward water projects among the Achi!

Missions Emphasis Week 2013 ended Wednesday night as “Mr. G” preached and shared a bit about his family’s preparations to leave in late December. As a church we will have their commissioning service December 8 during both services. Please plan to join us then as we pray for them and send them on their way.

The fundraising efforts of Missions Emphasis Week helped raise excitement and awareness, and they definitely took a chunk out of launch funds for the SNAP team.  As leadership, we couldn’t be happier and more thankful to God for how He has moved in this congregation in the past several years to rally us behind His work to reach the nations for Christ.  What a testimony of God’s grace to provide in and through this church body for His mission to the ends of the Earth!  Help us celebrate this on December 8th as we pray for and send out the “G” family North Africa!

SNAP Financial Update

With all of this giving efforts, some may be wondering what impact it has made on our projections for the SNAP team, and what the future holds.  Well, God only knows what the future holds, but we continue to ask Him to move us toward this committment of raising up two families and sending them out to plant churches among the unreached.

It takes $2,000.00 per week to sustain one church planting family in North Africa. About half of that is salary, and the other half covers things like taxes, international medical insurance, both sides of social security, children’s education, periodic international travel, and several other budget items.

Just before Missions Emphasis Week, as a church, our average church planting giving was at $2,300.00 per week. With this $16,000.00 shot in the arm, we are now at $3,555.00 per week. If we are able to get in about $2,300.00 per week for the rest of the year, we are looking at a weekly average of $3,000.00 for this calendar year 2013. This is enough to sustain our first family, but for 2014 we will need to start saving for our second family that we are partnering with Redemption Church to send out. In fact, 2014 will be a year of counting down 12 more months as we seek to send out the second SNAP family to North Africa in January 2015.

Our second family (Mr. and Mrs. C) was sent out by DSC to help plant Redemption Church in Rio Rancho back in 2012. They have invested their lives in that church plant, just as Mr. And Mrs. G have poured out their lives here at DSC. In partnership with Redemption Church, we want to send both families on their journey in a manner worthy of God. We have just under two months to countdown until Sunrise, our first family headed to the field. And then we will count down our second family from Redemption throughout 2014. May God continue to provide as we count down to these departures.

You can setup a recurring monthly gift to church planting above and beyond your normal giving at

If you’d like to get more involved with missions at Desert Springs Church, please email to get started!

Nov 14

ISI Thanksgiving Dinner the 24th Needs Your Help!

What better way to express our thanksgiving to God for His faithful provision than by sharing some of it with others who don’t know Him…. yet.

ISI Thanksgiving This just in from Charis Church, co-leader with her husband Adam of the International Student Thanksgiving Dinner:

Hi Everyone!

This year’s International Student Thanksgiving Dinner is almost upon us, and we need your help! Many of you have already signed up to help bring or serve this year at the dinner, and we are thankful for your willingness to help. But in order for the dinner to be a success we still have some areas with outstanding needs.

Would you consider being a part of sharing God’s love with these international students?

This year our dinner will be on Sunday, November 24 at 6 PM.

Below are the specific areas where we still have needs:


Cold food items can be dropped off anytime before 5:30pm.

Warm food items need to be brought between 5 & 5:30pm. For hot food itemsISI Logo, we have aluminum warming pans that these dishes should be brought in. If you sign up for one of those, you can pick up your tray at DSC this upcoming Sunday.

  • Butter – 1 lb in sticks
  • Apple Cider – 6 gallons needed (3 people to bring 2 gallons each)
  • Pumpkin Pie –  7 large pumpkin pie from Sams or Costco (7 people to bring 1 pie each)
  • Cranberry Sauce – 4 cans of whole berry cranberry sauce, or make some homemade sauce if desired
  • Dinner Rolls – 6 dozen prebaked dinner rolls (3 people to bring 2 dozen each)
  • Turkey – Cook a 20 pound turkey or bigger.  Please bring deboned in the provided pan.
  • Turkey Gravy – 4 gallons (4 people to bring 1 gallon each)
  • Green Beans – 1 Pan (Season with butter, salt and pepper. This is not a casserole, just plain seasoned green beans)
  • Stuffing – 1 Pan (Approximately 20 servings) Mashed Potatoes – 3 Pans (Approximately 20 servings per pan)
  • Sweet Potato Casserole – 3 Pans (Approximately 20 servings per pan)

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Setup – Help set up tables and chairs at 3:30pm. Finished around 5:30 or 6pm.
  • Hospitality – Arrive at 5pm.  Finish around 8pm. Greet students, help them find seats, help serve food, refill drinks during meal, serve pumpkin pie
  • Clean Up – Help clean up following the dinner. We expect to start clean up around 7:30pm.

Please email Charis if you are interested in helping in any of these areas, and thank you!

You can also swing by the ISI kiosk this Sunday to ask questions or volunteer.