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Archive for January 2, 2014

Jan 2

Sunrise 2014 is Here – Family is on the Ground

December 8th, 2013 was a special Sunday in the life of Desert Springs Church as we commissioned our first global church planting family.  Elder Ryan Kelly taught us from Acts 13 where the church in Antioch laid their hands on Paul and Baranabas and sent them out to make disciples of all nations.  Then, we laid our hands on the G family, and commissioned them to be global church planters.

They flew out of the US on December 30th, and though tired and already a bit frustrated by language and a few circumstantial issues, they are safely in their new apartment at their new school in France, where they will learn language for a year before heading into North Africa.

We will share more specific prayer requests and praises as we get them, but for now, please continue to ask God to sustain them physically, linguistically, relationally, and spiritually as they settle into their new lives.

When William Carey announced his decision to become a missionary to India in 1793, he challenged the people of his small church in England with these words:  “Yonder is a gold mine. I will descend and dig, but you must hold the ropes!”

Let the rope holding for our family begin, and may it never end.

You can hold the rope by praying and paying for this mission.  Be sure to designate giving to “church planting.”

SNAP zero january 2014

We are already looking forward to hearing more this year (2014) about our second couple, the “C” family from Redemption Church.  Stay tuned as we countdown the months to launching them in 2015.

Jan 2

Christmas Store 2013 in Words and Pictures – Cedar Hill Church

2014 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Native American

Join us in giving God glory for what He did, and is still doing at Cedar Hill Church through the Christmas Store

Click here or on any photo to see more:

Cedar Hills Collage


DSC Deacon Marvin Gibson writes:

“Once again, DSC was privileged to be used to bless the Cedar Hill Church, pastored by Tully Butler in Counselor, New Mexico on the Navajo reservation. Our Christmas Store team from DSC consisted of 16 adults and children that supported the ‘on the ground’ effort plus the many more at DSC that made this blessing possible with their generous donation of gifts for the Navajo community, may God get the glory. It was a blessing to again work alongside the members of the Cedar Hill congregation, Pastor Tully Butler, his wife, and his daughter, Efren Butler. This year the team from DSC was specially blessed to see the Cedar Hill church catch the outreach objective of Christmas Store and step up and serve alongside the DSC members; even getting about 8 members from Cedar Hill to wrap gifts for the Christmas Store participants.  53 Families took advantage of the Cedar Hill Christmas Store, selecting gifts for 163 children.  Pastor Butler and Efren let us know that most of the families that participated in the Christmas Store were not members of Cedar Hill church or any church; and he said three families were going to make Cedar Hill their church.

Before we opened the store, Pastor Butler prayed in his native tongue for the store, he prayed for DSC and Cedar Hills and he prayed for the unchurched that would be attending the store. A few hours later, after the close of the store, he found it hard to express his gratitude because his smile was so big. He let us know about the people that were blessed and those that came up and said Cedar Hill was going to become their church. He let us know that for many, the gifts they selected that day, would be the only gifts received that Christmas. Our hope and prayer was that we all were part of planting seeds for His Kingdom, and that we were all used by God for His glory. And our prayer would be that those free gifts those families received would point them towards the greatest gift of all, Christ our Lord.”