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Christmas Store 2013 in Their Own Words – Good News Church: Houk, AZ

2014 | by Clint | Category: Christmas Store,Native American

DSC Member Rachael Brown celebrates God and her family’s experience serving at the store at Good News Church below.  Please join us in praising God for what He has done.

In Houk, AZ, among our brothers and sisters of Good News Church, we were blessed to serve 60 families through the Christmas Store ministry. Pastor Chee was working hard to reach out to his neighbors and community, and we were privileged to lend a hand. Although overall we felt as though we could have given so much more in the face of great poverty, we are pleased to present the following top ten list for Good News Christmas Store 2013!

10. Our daughters wrapping presents… err, learning to wrap presents.

9. Local girls on the Rez keeping the Mancini/Brown basketball team down by 12 the whole afternoon.

8. Walter Dougherty calling out Christmas store numbers bingo-style.

7. Memo Ochoa agreeing to not put Audra Iverson in a video only if she agreed to wear a helmet cam while wrapping presents.

6. Setting aside one of the busiest weekends of the holiday season for time focused on kingdom work alongside our spouses and children.

5. The hospitality of our brothers and sisters at Good News Church: presents for the kids and fry bread and stew for everyone.

4. Chuck and Cindy Harper loving and serving on the Rez and Brian and Laura Hendrix making the Christmas Store machine work with grace and kindness.

3. Our community group building new bonds in service to the Lord, encouraging each other and learning about one another’s gifts.

2. Pastor Chee praising God in his native tongue and inviting folks to church.

1. Marveling at God’s willingness to condescend to the broken sinners of DSC and Good News Church to demonstrate his love for the poor, lost, and hurting.

Praise be to Our Great God that He not only came to save sinners, He graciously condescends to use us to show His love to sinners!  Praise be to Him for His kindness in allowing us to be a part of His body at work.  Praise Him that His gospel is enough not only for salvation but also for the redemption of our meager efforts to love as He has loved us!  May He be pleased to finish the good work He has begun in us through opportunities for missions such as the Christmas Store.  Please pray with us that those served by the Store would know something of God’s tender, personal love for them and would ultimately rest in Him alone for their salvation and hope.