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Microfinancing for the Achi in the Name of Jesus – January 2014 Update

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Part of our Rabinal Achi partnership includes helping people who are looking to break the cycle of poverty and illness.  Instead of just giving handouts, our goals in partnership with Dr. Jacobo and Janette Pineda and their Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategy are to give a help up instead of a hand out.

We were able to visit the microfinance committee in Los Encuentros along with our partners Dr. Jaime Jacobo and his wife Janette Pineda.  Check out this post back in May of 2013 to catch up on our latest loan process.

Here are some testimonies and some pictures from our meeting:

“My family. Thank The Lord who is the lord of gold and silver. All the CHE trainings with Jacobo and Janette have helped with needs in our community and now we have the blessing from “The Springs” (DSC) through this credit. The loans interest is very low. Getting money from the bank is very difficult. There is lots of time and paperwork and money to get the right to get credit.

Thank you also for the confidence you’ve given me for receiving the interest payments from the loaners each month. I deposit this in he bank each month. We are current on all our notes. We ask for a 10 month loan. We cancel it out at the end of the year. Then we take two months off to decide what business we will do for the next year, and then get together again and loan it again for 10 months.

And these times we are paying off all of it. So in February we will be done with another year. So in April we will want to loan it out again if you approve.   We normally get ready to buy items in April to get ready for the planting season.

Personally, this line of credit has helped me with my family because the bank is difficult. And it has helped my husband because of the reliability he is already making plans to plant for next year. The money we save and have also helps me with children and their school costs. I want to give a personal thanks and message to “The Springs” who gave this to us. Though we don’t know them we are reached all the way here by God’s love through them.  By God’s grace all families in the community have kids in school.” – Community Health Promoter, Silvia Sis

Achi January 2014 Microfinance committee

2014 Los Encuentros, B.V. Microfinance Committee

Please pray with us that peoples physcial, temproal suffering would be lessened and even relieved completely.  But even more important, and through serving them, may God open up the doors for gospel proclamation, discipleship and even more and healthy churches being planting among the Achi.