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God’s Gospel Going Forth to International Students

2014 | by Clint | Category: Global,Iternational Students Incorporated,Local

Check out this story of God using a couple at DSC to spread the gospel to international students:ISI Logo

Paul and I have been involved with ISI for going on five years. It has been a blessing to pick students up at the airport when they arrive to Albuquerque and then host them for a few days as they settle in to an American environment at UNM. We then became their friendship partner for the time they remained in New Mexico.

This past fall, ISI offered a discovery Bible study to all the incoming international students. There was a need for facilitators for the Bible study and after a training session we were jumping in and asking God to help us, as facilitating was new territory for us. Every Sunday there were about 24 students attending the Bible study and they were from all corners of the globe.

Our small group consisted of a student from Nepal, Peru, Taiwan, and China. Joining the bible study was a perfect opportunity for the students to practice their English and learn truth from God’s word. Only one student indicated she was a believer. The discovery method in this study asked the same questions each week about the passage that we were studying, such as”what does this passage tell us about God? What does this passage tell us about the relationship between God and man.”

We had to trust the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of each student to what they were reading in the Bible they had been given the first week of the study.  It was such a blessing to see God at work in each of these students hearts. The first week after studying creation in Genesis 1, and the students were asked what does this passage tell us about God, one student answered, “that must God exist!” God was already at work! This study lasted 13 weeks and covered passages from the Old Testament (which included a prophesy passage in Isaiah) and the New Testament (including Christ’s birth through his death and resurrection). These students heard the Gospel message in its entirety. What a joy it was to learn that one student in our group accepted Jesus as her Savior and before the semester ended she had witnessed to a friend back in her home country and that resulted in another sister in Christ.

Seeing God at work in the lives of these students has been so much fun and rewarding to see the fruit of the Holy Spirit as they discovered the God of the world. We encourage others to get involved with these students through ISI, as there is fertile ground and what a better way to spread God’s glory wider than to show the love of God to these international students.        – Michelle

Want to get involved?  Paul and Michelle could use help with providing meals for the students that attend their studies on Sundays.  Maybe you and some friends or your Community Group can help out.  Here is a note from the local ISI director of ministries:

We started this semester’s Bible study this past Sunday. It is an evangelistic study geared towards sharing the Gospel with students from all backgrounds.  We have 27 students attending and 12 American Group Leaders – (approximately 45 people).   We are looking for lunch providers again for each Sunday. It’s a great ministry project for a small group, Sunday School Class or Bible Study.

The dates we still need lunches are are Jan 26, Feb 2, 9, 16, March 2, 9, 30, April 6, 13, and 27.   

The study meets at 12:30 on Sundays. We eat at 12:30 and start the study at 1:15.  Paper goods and drinks are provided.  Detailed instructions and a reminder will be sent each week before the lunch.  There needs to be a vegetarian option at each meal due to dietary restrictions of some of the students.  Pork should not be a part of the meal.  If that time conflicts with your church service, the meal could be dropped off early.

Would you or your group be interested in providing lunch this semester?

If you are interested or if you have questions, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you’d like to get involved, email and she will put you in touch with ISI directly.