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Feb 10

Countdown to Sunrise 2015

Just like we did last year, we are planning to countdown the months before we send our our second church planting family to North Africa.

countdown 2014 harvest

As you saw yesterday in the service, our second family, Mr. and Mrs. C (and kiddos) are leaders at DSC’s first local church plant, Redemption Church in Rio Rancho.  Mr. C is the Elder over Children’s ministry, and he also leads a Community Group.  The C’s are deeply plugged into weekly ministry at Redemption, and as we will see over this year, will be dearly missed once they head for North Africa in January 2015.

Right now our first family, the G’s are in France studying hard their new (third) language, French, which will help them function better in North Africa in 2015.

Please join us this year as we raise awareness and funds to send out the C’s, along with the G’s in a manner worth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We will be raising funds and awareness again this year through our SPRING for SNAP (March 20-June 20) campaign during which we will seek to raise funds for the C Family’s launch (move overseas).  Watch for more details about SPRING for SNAP in March after Clarus.

If you aren’t yet behind these efforts to plant churches, please consider setting up a gift online (above and beyond normal tithes/offerings) to church planting here.  Make sure you set up the gift for “church planting.”  You can also track how we are doing relative to the budget goal each Sunday at the bottom of the bulletin.

May God use us as a church, in partnership with Redemption Church, to send our workers into the harvest fields!

Questions about these efforts?  Contact us at