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May 5

Barrera Bulletin – First Week Back in San Miguel

Barrera Bulletin – Report of 1st Week of Guatemalan Trip, by Carol Barrera

April 30, 2014 – Guatemala

April 23-24 were momentous days for us. We left our home in Cheyenne at 4:45 AM on the 23rd. Our son Arlan along with his son James took us to the Airport in Denver.  We met up with Alice Brawand in Dallas and arrived at a Bed and Breakfast in Guatemala City around 9 PM that evening.  Pastor Otoniel drove our car to the capital, and accompanied us back to San Miguel the 24th. It was a long, slow, hot drive in a crowded car–but good fellowship!  We arrived in San Miguel at 5:30 PM, and visited with guests until 9:30 PM before collapsing into bed.  My back was not happy with hours of bumps and holes in the road coming here.

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Us with Pastor Otoniel, who is a key person in arranging the pastors seminars with the Desert Springs Church of Albuquerque.


Friends continued to drop by on Saturday and Sunday.  I am in awe at how God gives Alice discernment, allowing her to zero in on people’s concerns and pray with them about them.  She has delighted in seeing people she knew as small children–now adults serving the Lord.

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Reunion of Esther and Alice. They met when Esther was a pre-schooler!

We were saddened to hear of troubling news about a 16-year old friend of a friend here who was raped by four men near her home, and who committed suicide a month ago.  This just confirmed our burden for the young ladies of the area.  Last night was the first session for them.  Around thirty young ladies attended, at least half of them whom we didn’t know.  Afterwords, some of them hung around, asking for personal counseling sessions.  One said, “Everything you talked about this evening hit me hard, because it is exactly what I am going through: loneliness, abuse in my family and thoughts of suicide.”  She is only 14 years old.  Please continue to pray for the next few days of get-togethers and individual counseling opportunities.

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Rodrigo and I are coming from a fierce winter in Wyoming, in which it didn’t go more than four days in a row without snowing from October through March.  So it is a drastic change to have daily temperatures rise to over 90 degrees F, both outside and in our house.  However, Alice and I are refreshed by jumping into my cold water pool early every morning for an invigorating exercise time.

Wishing you times of refreshment from our Lord, Carol, for Rodrigo and Alice, too


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