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Archive for May 20, 2014

May 20

Please Pray for the Rabinal Achi May 2014 Mission Team

2014 | by Clint | Category: Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi,Trips
Achi Team May2014

Standing Row: Drew, Koren, Chris, Jose Luis, Cody, Walter, Jodi, Ian, Kimberly, Mike, Brandon, Karen, David, Josh, Jacque, Pastor Trent, Brent.
Kneeling Row: Taylor, Carina, Kelly, Martha, Lynn, Pam, Pastor Ken.
Missing from Photo: Paul and Luke


Pastors Trent and Ken, along with translator, servant, and cultural/relational liasson Jose Luis of Desert Springs head out, Lord willing, Wednesday morning early to meet up with our beloved partners in Achi land.  They will be organizing and teaching at a two day  training time for up to 60 or even 70 Rabinal Achi pastors.  Their topic is “Helping People Grow in Christ:  The Basics of Biblical Counseling.”  Trent, Ken, and Jose Luis have put many hours into preparing for this trip. and our partners in the field have arranged everything logistically for the time.  Please pray that many pastors will come, and that this time will benefit them and their hearts and their families and their ministries greatly.

About the time this pastoral team is wrapping things up on Thursday night, the rest of our May Rabinal Achi Mission team will be putting the finishing touches on packing their bags, and heading toward Achi land on Friday the 23rd.  On Saturday and Sunday the entire team will reunite as they get oriented with our partners in the field, attend Rabinal Achi church with our dear friends, and then prepare supplies, hearts, and minds for the five days of clinics that start Monday morning.

As we’ve done in the past, Monday through Friday will be medical and dental clinics for a very low cost (helps with buy in from folks coming, and is all donated back to the community).  Our prayer is that as our doctors, nurses, dentists, and helpers serve these hurting Achi people who may or may not have access to kind health care, Jesus’ name might be spoken by the locals, counsel might be given from God’s word, and faith will be born and/or grow in the hearts of many.

This year the team will continue with Physical Therapy visitations in the name of Christ as well.  What a great way God has provided an inroad for serving people for God’s glory.  Please pray that many of these appointments will not only be set up through the churches, but that they will indeed materialize.

Finally, as a new addition to medical, dental, and physical therapy, we have a small team planning to engage more strategically the folks who are waiting on the clinics, especially the children, with drama, music, and games.  Also, Drew, our worship leader at DSC, along with drummer Ian and a few other folks who can sing a tune or two, will be doing some musical worship workshops with Achi believers on several occasions.  Drew will be teaching on the theology and execution of leading God’s people in musical worship, and each DSC representative will be working with musicians and vocalists to grow in their abilities and appreciation for each others culture and musical expressions through worship.  This new addition to the ministry, Lord willing, will culminate in some kind of worship concert on Friday night the 30th.

Please join us in praying for the pastoral, medical, dental, physical therapy and musical teams as they go out for the sake of the name of Christ.  Please pray that the DSC folks will stay strong and healthy, have safe travel, and be an example of unity, love, and light in the gospel of Jesus to the Rabinal Achi people they interact with.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates during their mission.