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Archive for May 29, 2014

May 29

Track our Guatemala May Mission Team in Real Time

2014 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi,Trips,Uncategorized
Great place to follow our Medical/Dental/Physical Therapy mission.
And Facebook even translates for you!Deacon Marvin Gibson’s Facebook page:



Achi Brother Hector Hernandez’s Facebook page:

May 29

Guatemala May Mission Update #4

2014 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Prayer,Rabinal Achi,Trips

More from our family ministering to our family and the lost in Rabinal Achi country this week:

0630 for breakfast again and then we are ready for another exciting ride up the mountain to Chicholom.

Last nights ride down was crazy, but not because of the driving or the road. I found myself in the microbus with most of the music team and we were in raucous chorus most of the way down the mountain, some of it praise songs. When Drew and Ian are together anything can happen. You haven’t heard anything until you hear Drew in high falsetto singing, “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”, and Ian’s deep chorus, “Ah weemo wok, ah weemo wok”. But that was last night. This morning we made it up the mountain to Chicholom and set up quickly. We only had a half day because the music team had to be back in San Miguel Chicaj for another music workshop in the evening. This was heart wrenching because after our first day, it seems more people had heard about us and it was clear that we had more patients waiting for us than we were going to be able to see. This is one of the toughest part of our missions, not being able to see everyone.

Our process is roughly the following; patients are checked in and triaged and sent to medical, dental or physical therapy. Then they receive treatment. Before they go to the last station, the pharmacy, they are sent to counseling where one of our Rabinal Achi pastors or Spanish speakers pray with our patients or present Christ. Glory to God, a number of people have received Christ during counseling. At night, after dinner, it has been so encouraging to hear some of the testimonies of our Achi pastors.

Almost half of our team are first timers and I hope to record some of their observations and experiences.

Josh Speakman is a first timer for a DSC global missions trip but he has about twenty years of construction missions with indigenous in Panama. Being on a medical mission is new for Josh and now he finds himself looking at construction opportunities that would improve health such as improved stoves that would not result in smoke inside the homes where people dwell. Josh has been impressed with how the families and communities pull together. One of the more memorable events was when most of the village, men, women and children, were involved in carrying cinder blocks and cement up the mountain to the school. The boys and men, depending on their age, were carrying two to four bricks on their backs, supported by a cord across their foreheads. The girls and women were carrying one to two bricks balanced on their head. And everyone was working together and no one was grumbling.

Paul Mathis, another first timer, was expecting it to be rough, but the heat, the humidity, the auto exhaust smell, the garbage smells have been a bit rougher than he expected. He is also impressed with the friendly graciousness of the people and the awesome smiles on the children. The experience of the village carrying bricks and sand was also impressive to Paul. They don’t have much but they are healthy and happy. Paul knows that God is setting Paul’s expectations so that Paul knows he will not find satisfaction with the next thing he thought he wanted, but instead his satisfaction remains in Christ and his needs have been provided for.

Prayers for the team can include health. Some of the team, including Pastor Trent, have been hit, and some have had to stay back for a day. Pray for the musical workshops and end of week concert, and pray that, through Christ, we share the gospel through loving service and words, when we can.


Music Workshop : Link to video of worship at one of the music workshops

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