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Jun 16

Celebrating God’s Work Among the Achi Recently

2014 | by Clint | Category: Field Updates,Global,Rabinal Achi

Back in April of this year, as part of our Rabinal Achi Partnership, DSC supported Hector Hernandez and Eder Ixcopal and OR4 as they hosted “Global Vision 2014.”  This weekend of training for teenagers was designed to educate and train them in the basics of evangelism and global missions, and to challenge them to practice sharing their faith with other Achi people.  See here some of the testimonies and photos from the event, and praise God for His work among the Achi as the Achi preach the word of God to the Achi!

Hector writes:

“We had a great mission project called ” Global Vision 2014.”  Altogether 80 youth participated along with eight host churches. In total, 323 people were evangelized and 95 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and.”

“The youth made ​​different types of activities, evangelism, activities with children, and even physical work.  At first, the teens did not want to join the group that was assigned to them, some approached us to ask us to leave them in the same group with a relative or friend, but we told them that their request was not granted. After the experience they had in the  field, they had a clear sense of belonging and unity in the group so that they did not want the project to end. In fact, two of the teens approached me to apologize for refusing at first to join the group were assigned. I was told that God had spoken to his heart at this time and that they had to change the attitude they had taken that was not correct and now did not want to end Global Vision or leave their group.”

Many are the testimonies of young people in evangelism and experience in performing other activities, but the highlight is the fact that for the first time they had the opportunity to evangelize. They said that on the first day many would not speak, but did on the second day.

Edna Church of the Nazarene in San Francisco said: “The first day I only just watch and listen to my colleagues talk, but on the second day I dared to do it myself, I’m surprised because the words flowed, I can not remember all what I said, but I’m sure were the words of the Lord and was a blessing to the people who listen.”

Numerically we do not exceed our expectations, but in terms of performance and quality of the project and the impact of this on the hearts of young people was a resounding success.  Some pastors have given testimony that their teens have returned very challenged and that this is an encouragement to their churches.”

And here are the photos:  Again, let’s praise God and thank Him for the opportunity to share in this ministry of gospel proclamation to the Achi by the Achi.  And may God put in us a similar passion to share the gospel with our neighbors, friends, and families!

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