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Nov 10

Rez Wood Cutting Trip Report & Another One November 15th!

Marvin G., Deacon at DSC reports:

Fourteen men, mostly from DSC plus two young daughters and one son joined five native American brothers and sisters from Cedar Hill church and cut seven truckloads of wood for some of the elderly and shut-ins on the Navajo reservation. Cedar Hill church has been doing a woodcutting ministry for more than a decade and Desert Springs has now had the privilege to help for two years. Glory to God for safety, for ministry and for the opportunity to fellowship with chainsaws!

Efren Butler, daughter of Pastor Tully Butler at Cedar Hills Church near Counselor, NM writes:

You guys gave us the boost we need to get through a few more weeks, thank you!

You all pointed us back to our Savior and reminded us of the amazing love our father has for us which can be given through brothers and sisters in Christ. Your encouragement to us is beyond what words can express! Thank the Lord for pointing all of you in our direction.  I noticed the day after, my parents with tears in their eyes smiling at how awesome God is to bring great people to serve.

I think things went great!

I really can’t put into words what you have given us through your service, fellowship and love but thank you!

And our team leader, DSC CG leader Lee S. said the following:

This is a part of why we do what we do, AND why we all want to do it again!

We have confirmed that our next Wood Cutting Foray will be on Saturday, November 15th. This trip will be just like the last one, where we find, cut/split and deliver wood to people who desperately need it to heat their homes and cook their meals…it is an opportunity to show the love of Christ in a physical way to those who may not know Him. As God blesses, our goal is to draw people into the local church in order to receive quality Bible Teaching and experience God’s Love in a very real and personal way.

Want to go on the next wood cutting trip November 15th?  Email to get more info and to sign up.