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Mar 9

Care Net Shares Gift of Love

2015 | by Clint | Category: Care Net,Local,Mission Opportunity

Check out what God is doing through our local mission partner, Care Net. This is an amazing testimony of God’s love at work in the heart of His people.

Mary, Care Net’s Executive Director writes:

A Gift from the Heart!

We want to share an unexpected love story with you…thank you for making this one possible!

It was a long day! Phones ringing, walk-in clients, the lobby filled to capacity. The day held a bit of everything. By 2 p.m. we were exhausted — no room for any more clients. Well, in our human thoughts anyway.

Enter client “J!” I listened, client “J” shared; mother of four, one with special needs, an abortion 6 months prior. She knew she could not raise another child. She spoke of her sister and brother-in-law, Christians, who had helped her with her children down through the years. She shared that they had been unable to conceive a child. The Holy Spirit took over from here. I was surprised at my own words when I introduced the idea of adoption. Perhaps her sister and brother-in-law could raise her child? Client “J” was so excited. Because she had seen the love of Christ demonstrated so clearly within her family, she was ready to accept the love and forgiveness of God. Adoption was a loving choice. They had given so unselfishly, this would be an opportunity for her to give back.

Through your generous giving, our staff and peer counselors are able to provide loving, compassionate care to our clients and their families. You make a difference!

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