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Mar 27

Register for A Ladies’ Tea

2015 | by Clint | Category: Giving Opportunity,Local,North Africa (SNAP),Prayer

tea_2015The Women’s Ministry is seeking to support Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP) by offering a Ladies’ Tea on Saturday, April 18, at 11AM – 1PM.

This year we will hear updates from both Mrs. G. and Mrs. C. Please join us for a sweet time of fellowship over a splendid cup of tea and savories. This event sells out early and seating is limited! Be sure to register now!

To make this our most successful fund raising event to date, we need many ladies to attend, to volunteer to help, and to donate food items. This huge endeavor will only work if we all are willing to do some small part.

You do not have to attend to help or to donate food items. All proceeds from this Tea go to support Sunrise North Africa Partnership (SNAP). For details, to volunteer, and to register go to