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May 4

Achi Holy Week Mission a Success!

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Hector Hernandez shared an update from their Holy Week Missionary Project. Hector writes:

To DSC and to my dears friends Mono and Goyo and Barreras,

Global Vision 2015, was a success as last year, the difference is the experience and the testimony of the young people. Our goal is to promote the global vision and action missionary and we have achieved it. The testimony of Damaris Oliva, a Guatemalan woman who was a missionary in Zwazilandia impacted and challenged the young people with her missionary testimony. Carl Lee, a Texan who was a missionary 33 years planting churches in Malaysia, also shared with the youth the challenges he faced to obey God’s call and experience in the field.


The Young people are highly motivated, they are challenged and for this we need to give them follow up.

Gilmer Galiego from Chilajon says, “Thanks for inviting me to this beautiful mission project, this experience is helping me to clarify my call departe of God to me. … It was an activity of great blessing and helped me to see both spiritual and physical needs of our brothers. .. And evangelize for the first time was very difficult for me, but the Lord gave me words to speak of his love… Do not you hesitate to invite me to your next activities.”

Nestor Galiego also from Chilajon said, ” This is an incentive for me to continue to grow spiritually …I saw many people who need of God and this challenged me to fulfill the mission that Jesus gave us.”

David Garcia from El Salvador said, “I am leading a church of over 3,000 members but sometimes I feel alone when I want to develop a missionary project … My church has distorted the true concept of the Missions and the way that you teach it should be done. So I feel encouraged, you challenged me. I would like that you bring a mission seminary to my church. Next year we will bring more young people of my church Global Vision for having their own experience and change their perspective on missions.”

Marcos Zamora from Mazatenango said, “Global Vision is such a motivating and challenging experience, I would like that you bring Global Vision to my city and spread and to involve the young people from my church.”

Aron Perez wrote to me from Uruguay saying, “I only see the photos in your Facebook profile and I’m excited. I’m of the Nazarene Church but here they are very apathetic with the missions. This is what our churches need. We also need Global Vision in Uruguay.”


It fills me with joy to see how our Achi churches are beginning to involve in missions, not as I would like but I’m sure this is the beginning of a missionary era for Achi churches and not Achi churches in Baja Verapaz to the world. Last year we were worried because we hadn´t much pastors and churches to receive the group at the time of practical training, this year was different, some pastors were expecting to receive group and we were worried because we hadn`t more groups to send and help them.


Aware that statistics often do not reflect the reality of the conversions, not that in the report of converts has lied, but sometimes some conversions are not genuine, this is the reality when the pastors gone to visit the new converts to beginning the consolidation of them. In any case, I want to report how many people we were preaching them the gospel and how much people expressed receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

60 participants sent them in 6 groups of 10 young people to six villages in Baja Verapaz, including young adults who guided the teenagers who were going to evangelize for the first time:

531 people evangelized

218 Conversions

Very soon we will meet some pastors to evaluate the follow-up that they are giving to the new converts and keep encouraging them to consolidate the new believers.

Please pray for me, next month end I`m going to Asia and Africa.

In Christ,

Hector Hernandez


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