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May 29

Achi Mission May 2015

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Achi May Mission Team (Left to Right)
Cody, Paul, Taylor, Brent, Jacque, Jewel, Clint, Pam, Nico, Clint, Anna, Kimberly, Michelle, Karen, David, Koren, Frank, Michael



On Tuesday, May 26, Pastor Clint and the Achi Mission Team traveled to Guatemala City.  Please keep them in your prayers as they fellowship with our Achi brothers and sisters through medical clinics, dental clinics, physical therapy, and ongoing water projects this week:

Team Schedule
Wednesday, May 27:   The team traveled by bus to Achi land to get oriented with our Achi teammates.
Thursday, May 28:     Clinics in Buena Vista
Friday, May 29:     Clinics in San Francisco
Saturday, May 30:    Clinics in El Llano, El Llano Water Committee Meeting
Sunday, May 31:     Church at San Francicsco with Pastor David Ixcopal
Monday, June 1:     Clinics in Chicholom
Tuesday, June 2:     Clinic in Chicholom, travel to Antigua

Wednesday, June 3: Day off in Antigua

Thursday, June 4: Travel back home to Albuquerque


From Clint on May 29th:

Here are some photos from the first two days of clinics.  Both of which went very well.  We are praying that the temporary physical relief will remind those that know Jesus to trust in Him alone as their refuge and strength, and for those that do not know Him yet, that this service and proclamation of the gospel by the Achi believers with us will point them toward Jesus in a new and effective way.  From Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things, to Him be the glory forever!


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