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Jun 29

Quarterly Achi Ministry Update

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Dr. Jacobo and Janette Pineda, our Community Health Evangelism (CHE) partners serving among the Achi, update us on their ministry:


Thanks to the support of the people involved in this project we are seeing fruit in large quantities. The completion of the water project  is benefiting 14 families in this village and people are happy with this program. At the same time we will start training this committee. It will take 6 weeks in total. We already did the first one in this village to track water project and future projects, a great blessing for them and for us to serve you with gladness of heart.

Another blessing that we want to share is all the families already have the pipelines in their homes and also the water filter to purify the water. (They don’t have to go to the river to pick up the dirt water any more thanks God for this!)

water filter1water filter2water filter3water filter4LOS ENCUESTROS MICRO LOAN

In this village benefited 16 families and this is the 6 year round doing this. People are grateful because this has served them and been very helpful for the benefit of each of their homes and also to cover costs for families. It is a great blessing. And to continue with this long-term project to benefit more families also have been duplicate the initial capital. In this community and in the future to extend the project to other communities in need. This time where 16 peoples in witch where 53K spread the less one have 1K and the top one was 7K. This have reflected in community since this is the first program in which we start working with CHE and also is important to mentioned that they have the commitment to pay in time the loan and reinforce to other to do so (This create sense of belong to the program) Also is important to said that since we start training in this community all the kids are attending the school now. Thank God for this.

water filter5water filter6water filter7water filter8WATER FILTERS

With this project we proceed with the collection of payments made by Sister Silvia Sis and Pastor David Ixcopal, the brothers are happy with this benefit because they have seen savings and improvement in each of beneficiary households with less disease at stomach. It has been a great blessing and we are projecting the same program in other communities. We also want to share a brief testimony of Matias, this man is one of the member of the committee of El Llano project, he let us know that when he receive his water filter in the last visit of David Gregory, after he returned to his home he start crying because he have the filter but no the water to use it,(By this time the water project hasn’t been finished) but now he is very happy because he have it both.

water filter9

Matias (on the left)

water filter 10water filter 11water filter 12Yes, Jacobo & Jannette, you can count on me/us to:

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Jun 26

LoveINC’s Community Connections Creates Relationships

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Jun 24

Go, Send, or Host!

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Jonathan Winn, a member at Redemption Church, writes of this unique and wonderful missions opportunity:

Historically, when it comes to global missions, for churches and Christians, there are three options: Go, Send, or Disobey. Well, in God’s sovereign plan it seems that a fourth option has emerged: Host!

Over the past several years, more and more families from nations around the globe have been sending their children to the United States for a middle or high school education.  The preference of these families is to place their children in the home of a caring American family to help them both learn English and acclimate to American culture.

This is an incredible opportunity for the Church!  Christ commands us to make disciples of all nations, and the nations are coming here to live in our homes and learn from us!  Is there a more optimal place for discipleship to happen than the home?

Menaul School in Albuquerque is now looking for families to host students for extended periods of time – for 1 month (in the summer only), 2 months, or 9 months.  In most cases, a financial stipend can also be made available as we don’t want that to be a hindrance.

As the Coordinator for International Programs at Menaul and a fellow laborer for Christ’s kingdom, I would love nothing more than for these children to be placed in the homes of committed believers who have a heart for the nations.

If the Holy Spirit is stirring your heart, please follow this link for more information regarding our host family programs!

For the Kingdom,

Jonathan Winn